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New Releases

Charles Bradley - Black Velvet CD/LP/LP+12"+MP3 (Daptone/Dunham) 

Black Velvet is a celebration of Charles Bradley, lovingly assembled by his friends and family at Dunham/Daptone Records. Though chronologically the material spans Charles' entire career, this is no anthology, "greatest hits" or other shallow rehashing of the songs that already made him famous. Rather, this album is a profound exploration through the less-traveled corners of the soulful universe that Charles and his longtime producer, co-writer and friend Thomas "TNT" Brenneck created in the studio together over their decade-long partnership. It features new songs recorded during the sessions from each of his three albums, heard here for the very first time in all their scorching glory. [As a one-time pressing for the super-fan comes a gorgeous black velvet wrapped box set that includes the following: 180gm vinyl version of the standard LP, a bonus 12" 45rpm EP with stripped-down mixes of four Bradley classics, an exclusive slip-mat, two printed heavy-duty inner sleeves sporting a surreal painting of Charles and the interview in which he explains the origin of the painting, a 12" x 12" photo-book with extensive liner notes from TNT, an exact replica of Charles' original "Black Velvit" business card, and a seeded download card (once you've retrieved your download, you can plant the card and wildflowers will grow in memory of Charles).]

Muse - Simulation Theory CD/LP (WB) 

Muse's eighth studio album Simulation Theory follows-up 2015's Drones which won a Grammy for Best Rock Album in 2016. The science fiction-themed record was produced by the band, along with several award-winning producers, including Rich Costey, Mike Elizondo, Shellback and Timbaland. Simulation Theory is introduced by the era-blending singles "Something Human", "Thought Contagion", "Dig Down" and "The Dark Side", all featuring Matt Bellamy's unmistakable soaring vocals and blistering guitars and the driving rhythm section of Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard which have become a hallmark of Muse's stadium-filling sound. Artwork for the album was illustrated by digital artist Kyle Lambert, who has done the poster art for Stranger Things, Jurassic Park and many other films. [Deluxe CD edition featuring five alternate takes is also available.]

J Mascis - Elastic Days CD/LP+MP3 (Sub Pop) 

"Like its predecessors, Elastic Days was recorded at J's own Bisquiteen studio. Mascis does almost all his own stunts, although Ken Miauri (who also appeared on Tied To A Star) plays keyboards and there are a few guest vocal spots. These include old mates Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession), and Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion), as well as the newly added voice of Zoë Randell (Luluc) among others. But the show is mostly J's and J's alone. But for those expecting the hallucinatory overload of Dinosaur Jr's live attack, the gentleness of the approach here will draw easy comparisons to Neil Young's binary approach to working solo versus working with Crazy Horse. This is a lazy man's shorthand, but it still rings true. Elastic Days brims with great moments. Epic hooks that snare you in surprisingly subtle ways, guitar textures that slide against each other like old lovers, and structures that range from a neo-power-ballad ("Web So Dense") to jazzily-canted West Coasty post-psych ("Give It Off") to a track that subliminally recalls the keyboard approach of Scott Thurston-era Stooges ("Drop Me"). The album plays out with a combination of holism and variety that is certain to set many brains ablaze." - Byron Coley

Jon Spencer - Spencer Sings The Hits! CD/LP (In The Red) 

Often imitated, never duplicated, the original NYC underground-rock legend Jon Spencer returns from the wilderness with 12 red-hot hits. This is the truth serum America has been craving, the beginning of a rock 'n' roll rebellion that takes no prisoners and puts the squares on ice. A wizard's brew of rhythm and blues and subversive dance grooves, weaponized with sci-fi skronk and industrial attitude, calibrated for the Revolution, a Molotov cocktail of sound guaranteed to destroy any post-modern hangover. [Limited purple marbled colored vinyl pressing.]

Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers - Brought To Rot CD/LP+MP3 (Bloodshot) 

To say Laura Jane Grace has had a defiant career would be an understatement. Whether being accused of leaving the DIY punk scene to pursue a major label career over a decade ago, or courageously challenging people's conceptions of gender identity, Grace has remained a daring and influential cultural figure in her over 20+ years of creating dynamic art across various mediums. Now she presses pause on Against Me! to release a more intimate singer-songwriter leaning solo album under the name Laura Jane Grace & The Devouring Mothers. On Bought To Rot's opening cut, "China Beach", Grace delivers a bold, lip-curled statement of intent: "Learn to trust yourself, no one else matters / Respect the source and always welcome failure." And it's in this spirit - with the help of Against Me! drummer Atom Willard and long-term AM! producer Marc Jacob Hudson on bass - that the album came into existence. As a complete body of work, Brought To Rot Grace what she affectionately calls her "Scorpio" record - redolent in sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll. [Limited white colored vinyl pressing.]

The Gibson Brothers - Mockingbird CD/LP (Easy Eye Sound) 

The celebrated bluegrass duo-named back-to-back Entertainers of the Year by the International Bluegrass Music Association in 2012 and 2013 return with a new album. A mix of smooth country and '70s rock, Mockingbird further cements the sibling duo of Leigh and Eric Gibson - still only in their 40s - as musical trailblazers. Join us Friday, November 9th when The Gibson Brothers play a free show at Grimey's to celebrate the release of their new album at 6PM!

Rhett Miller - The Messenger CD/LP+MP3 (ATO) 

The Messenger sees Rhett Miller playing it faster and looser than perhaps any other time in his quarter century career, instilling what might be his most personal songs to date with a groovy limberness that belies the reflective darkness within. Backed by a white hot backing combo comprised of Sam Cohen (electric & acoustic guitars, pedal steel, piano, organ, drums), Brian Betancourt (bass), and Ray Rizzo (drums), Miller goes deep into his own youthful experiences with suicide and depression, placing "a long distance phone call to myself as a 14-year-old" on surprisingly buoyant new songs like "The Human Condition" and "Permanent Damage". "I wanted this record to be less safe," Miller says. "I wanted to put myself in the hands of a producer who was going to do things that I didn't expect; I wanted to play with people I didn't know and be surprised by what they came up with. And all of that really came to pass. That's what you're getting this record. You're getting this locked-in rhythm section with a crazy, psychedelic guitar maestro playing along with me singing my songs about depression and insecurity." [Limited clear with black smoke colored vinyl pressing also available.]

The Revivalists - Take Good Care CD/LP+7" (Loma Vista) 

Marked by songwriting that is both intensely personal and also an escape, Take Good Care is brimming with sonic complexity, celebration, and catharsis. Sometimes raising more questions than answers, it's a reflection of the up-and-down journey of life that we're all on together. Album opener "Otherside" came to life in just one vocal take bolstered by fingerpicked clean guitars and cathedral-size harmonies. The guttural grooves of "Oh No" spiral towards a fret-burning solo as wild and gritty as David Shaw's delivery. "Hate To Love You" is tender and gorgeous and "Change" climaxes on a raw howl. "You Said It All" illuminates the dynamics at the heart of the record. The Revivalists have been on an unbelievable ride where ten years of tireless hard work was unexpectedly revved up by the wrongly dubbed "overnight success" of the No. 1 single "Wish I Knew You", which was recently certified platinum by the RIAA. Now, the band returns with a newfound depth and ambition that has brought their songcraft to a whole new level.

Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore - Ghost Forests CD/LP (Three Lobed) 

Ghost Forests musical conversations between Meg Baird and Mary Lattimore are intimate, fluid, effortless and spontaneous. They're filled with the euphoria of creation and, at times, they articulate hard truths and tangled emotions with an ease only trusted friends can manage. The songs alternate between extended ethereal instrumental excursions, gauzy and dreamy pop, blown-out Bull Of The Woods heavy haze, and modern re-imaginations of epic traditional balladry all while touching on the strange and otherworldly places between these stations.

Micah P. Hinson - When I Shoot At You With Arrows, I Will Shoot To Destroy You CD/LP+MP3 (Full Time Hobby) 

Micah P. Hinson is an old-fashioned trouble man who fell prey to drugs and loose women, winding up homeless, destitute and incarcerated by the time most of his peers were filling out college applications. Music was his savior, and since his 2003 debut, he's pieced together a life for himself in his sleepy hometown of Abilene, TX. Recorded in 24 hours somewhere in east Texas, When I Shoot At You With Arrows, I Will Shoot To Destroy You is the follow-up to last year's universally-lauded, Micah P. Hinson Presents The Holy Strangers LP. [Limited colored vinyl pressing.]

Mick Harvey & Christopher Richard Barker - The Fall and Rise of Edgar Bourchier and the Horrors Of War CD (Mute) 

The Fall And Rise Of Edgar Bourchier And The Horrors Of War examines the work of a long forgotten World War I poet, Edgar Bourchier, through his poetry as put to music in a concept album by Mick Harvey (The Birthday Party, Nick Cave & The Bade Seeds) and Christopher Richard Barker. Its release coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, on November 11, 2018. Bourchier's entire backstory and poetry was constructed by Christopher Richard Barker, an author who initially created the character while working on his novel, The Melancholy Haunting Of Nicholas Parkes. Barker paused from this venture to approach Harvey to ask for his expertise with arranging and recording the scores. In response, a 15-track album was written by Harvey and Barker to give life to an incredibly powerful fictional narrative. [Vinyl due 11/16]

Vintage Trouble - Chapter II - EP 1 2xCDEP (McGhee Entertainment) 

Since forming in 2010, Vintage Trouble have quietly become rock 'n' roll's best kept secret anointed by its very gods on international tours in every corner of the globe. Distilling swaggering rock, soulful blues, R&B (rhythm& blues) grooves, and pop ambition into a bold and brash brew, the quartet-Ty Taylor [vocals], Nalle Colt [guitar], Rick Barrio Dill [bass], and Richard Danielson [drums]-have logged 3,000 shows across 30 countries on tour with divinities such as The Who, The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Lenny Kravitz, and Bon Jovi, to name a few. Chapter II - EP 1 includes five brand-new studio recordings, plus five acoustic versions of those songs.

Robben Ford - Purple House CD/LP (earMUSIC) 

Innovative and influential contemporary premier electric guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Robben Ford offers up the new studio album, Purple House. Featuring nine powerhouse tracks, the album's genesis, according to Ford, was simple and uncomplicated: "My concept for the record was to do something with a lot more emphasis on the production than I've had in the past. I'm always pushing myself with each record. I haven't made one record that sounded like the one before it and this was going to be no different. Purple House was a great opportunity to try something really different." The album includes guest appearances by blues powerhouse vocalist Shemekia Copeland, Travis McCready (the lead singer of the Natchez, MS band Bishop Gunn), and Bishop Gunn guitarist Drew Smithers.

Sarah Brightman - Hymn CD (Decca Gold/Verve) 

Sarah Brightman returns with an inspirational collection of orchestrated, choir-based songs. For Brightman, every project comes from an emotional place, and Hymn is no exception. The album encompasses songs by such modern composers as Eric Whitacre (Fly To Paradise), Japanese superstar musician and songwriter Yoshiki (Miracle), and German DJ Paul Kalkbrenner (Sky And Sand). Hymn's mystical, uplifting tone is set with its title track, a song by British prog-rock band Barclay James Harvest. From there the album becomes excitingly eclectic, encompassing many styles. "Sogni", described as a mash-up of two arias from two different operas by French composer Georges Bizet, is flawlessly sung by Brightman and French tenor Vincent Niclo. Also included are "Canto Per Noi", written by famed Italian composer Ennio Morricone and Romano Musumarra, and "Follow Me", the love theme from the 1962 film Mutiny On The Bounty. Finally, the album closes with a new rendition of Brightman's signature smash duet with Andrea Bocelli, "Time To Say Goodbye", in a new solo rendition with lyrics Sarah wrote herself, and sung in English for the first time.

Palmyra Delran And The Doppel Gang - Come Spy With Me CD/LP (Wicked Cool) 

Come Spy With Me is the self-produced new tour de force album from trash-pop maven Palmyra Delran featuring guest appearances by Stevie Van Zandt, Debbie Harry, Genya Ravan, Cáit O'Riordan of The Pogues, Eddie Muñoz of The Plimsouls, Kim Shattuck of The Muffs, Paul Collins, Peter Zaremba of The Fleshtones, Speedie John Carlucci of The Fuzztones, Ben Vaughn, and more.

Ace Of Cups - Ace Of Cups CD (High Moon) 

Ace Of Cups (1967-1972) may not have been the first all-women rock and roll band, but they were the one that mattered within that bizarre wrinkle in time that constituted late 1960s San Francisco. Converging from a diverse set of backgrounds in the Haight-Ashbury just before the Summer of Love, these young women would constitute an independently-driven, uniquely-inspired organization, equally capable of feather-light poetry, funkier soul and further-out freakery than most of their more celebrated male compatriots within the psychedelic ballrooms. Yet despite the avowed interest of the industry and obvious hometown support, the original Ace Of Cups never got to make a record until recently. [Vinyl edition due November 23.]

Liela Moss - My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth CD/LP (Bella Union) 

"The act of making this record has felt truly exotic for me by way of its minimalism," says Liela Moss (Duke Spirit) of her debut solo album, My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth which more than lives up to the artist's promise of a fresh, bold adventure.

Grapetooth - Grapetooth CD/LP+MP3 (Polyvinyl) 

Concocting a freshly strange blend of synth pop and damaged folk music, Grapetooth is a band from Chicago, IL consisting of Chris Bailoni and Clay Frankel. Their eponymous debut captures a feeling the duo happily felt was somewhere between the doomy disco of '80s new wave and the woozy laments of artists like Arthur Russell and Jeff Cowell.

Larkin Poe - Venom & Faith CD/LP (Tricki-Woo) 

Fourth album from Nashville-based sister duo. "It's a celebration of American roots music as translated by two sisters who are playing the blues in a modern age."

Kane Brown - Experiment CD (RCA Nashville) 

Tennessee's Kane Brown is a contemporary country singer/songwriter blessed with a rich baritone voice. Experiment is his second album.

Donna The Buffalo - Dance In The Street CD/LP (Donna The Buffalo) 

The Americana jam act headed to Street at Sonic Ranch Studio in El Paso to team up with producer/engineer Rob Fraboni whose list of credits include producing the soundtrack for The Band's The Last Waltz along with working with the likes of Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and The Rolling Stones. Dance In The Street is their first album of new material in five years.

Hanson - String Theory 2xCD (Three Car Garage) 

Hanson is backed by a 46-piece orchestra and Academy award-winning arranger David Campbell. The set features songs spanning the band's career, including some of their best-known material ("MmmBop", "Where's The Love", "This Time Around" and more) alongside brand new or never-released-to-the-public songs ("Reaching For The Sky", "Battle Cry", "Breaktown", "No Rest For The Weary" and more) which tell a story of aspiration, despair, fortitude and ultimately a return to optimism.

Jeff Goldblum & The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra - The Capitol Studios Sessions CD/2xLP (Decca Gold/Verve) 

Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum, beloved for his roles in the Jurassic Park franchise, releases his debut album. The repertoire includes '60s jazz standards "Cantaloupe Island" and "I Wish I Knew How It Feels To Be Free", the 1940s classic "Straighten Up & Fly Right" with guest vocals from Irish superstar singer and songwriter Imelda May, the 1920s song "Me And My Shadow" sung by comedian and actress, Sarah Silverman, and much more.

Marcus Strickland - People Of The Sun CD (Blue Note) 

On his thrilling new LP, People Of The Sun, saxophonist Marcus Strickland blazes a trail fully at the helm of his music-performing, writing, and producing with his Twi-Life band on deck and special guests including Bilal and Pharoahe Monch along for the ride-as he sonically and socially traces the African diaspora from present to past in an effort to unpack his identity. It's an album that's busy and beautiful, inventive and contemplative, an amalgam of influences from West Africa and America. [Vinyl edition due November 30.]

Bas - Milky Way CD (Dreamville) 

Milky Way is the third studio album by rapper Bas. The album features guest appearances from J. Cole, Ari Lennox, ASAP Ferg and Correy C, with production handled by a variety of producers, including J. Cole, Ron Gilmore, Cedric Brown, Jay Kurzweil, Childish Major, Sango and Meez, among others. [Vinyl edition due December 21.]

Red Dragon Cartel - Patina CD/LP (Frontiers) 

Heralded guitarist Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne, Badlands) returns with a new album. Patina marks a return to the bluesy, fierce hard rock sound of Jake's Badlands days, updated with a monster production from Esposito and a perfect mix, courtesy of Max Norman whose relationship with Jake dates back to his time with Ozzy Osbourne.

Four Stroke Baron - Planet Silver Screen CD/LP (Prosthetic) 

An energetic blend of new-wave and heavy progressive rock, Four Stroke Baron aspires to bring forth a lively and refreshing new voice to the music scene, crafting massive and immersive soundscapes juxtaposed over catchy, pop-like song structures.

Architects UK - Holy Hell CD/LP+MP3 (Epitaph) 

The Brighton-based outfit Kerrang recently awards the title of Best British Live Band and The Guardian said feature "gloriously crafted anthems of defiance," return with their eighth album. For Fans of Parkway Drive, Trivium and August Burns Red.

Cult Leader - A Patient Man CD/LP (Deathwish) 

Cult Leader is a chaotic band from Salt Lake City, Utah. From the first hits of opener "I Am Healed" Cult Leader take listeners on a sonic rollercoaster ride. Much of A Patient Man follows this blueprint. Songs like "Curse Of Satisfaction", "Craft Of Mourning", and "Share My Pain" are driven by a weave work of unorthodox metallic riffing and fueled by hyper-aggressive percussion. While the technical proficiency is impressive, it's in their use of dynamics where they truly shine. The album contains four beautifully brooding epics; "To: Achlys", "A World Of Joy", title track "A Patient Man" and "The Broken Right Hand Of God". Each one of them carries a maturation and sense of melody that few "extreme" bands have within their arsenal. Proving that aggressive music still has much to offer the world in terms of originality, creativity, and emotion.

Greenleaf - Hear The Rivers CD/2xLP (Napalm) 

The mighty Swedish Stoner force Greenleaf present their latest album, Hear The Rivers. The album is a mesmerizing bag of tricks that seizes the Swedish stoner sound and enriches it with so many wonderful things, like the unforgettable riff-o-rama "Good Ol' Goat" or the slow soul feeder, "We Are The Pawns". An absolute gem of an album that is best kept in the family - which is why former Greenleaf and Dozer drummer Karl Daniel Lidén (Craft, Bloodbath, Crippled Black Phoenix amongst others) produced it.

Internal Bleeding - Corrupting Influence CD (Unique Leader) 

Pioneering New York death metal legends Internal Bleeding return with their devastatingly heavy sixth full length album. Featuring all of the raw, crushing, groove heavy aggression that fans have come to expect from the group, Corrupting Influence also sees Internal Bleeding continuing to push themselves and the sound that they help create in new and unexpected ways. Founding guitarist Chris Pervelis exclaims, "Corrupting Influence is filled with all of the gut twisting heaviness and groove you'd expect from us, but there's also plenty of unexpected twists that take a listener to places we've never gone before. Additionally, the production is right where it should be - heavy as f**k, organic and live sounding." Guitarist Chris McCarthy adds, "I grew up as a fan of Internal Bleeding, so I put everything in my ability to make this the sickest IB album ever." [Vinyl is available for special order]

Evoken - Hynagogia CD/2xLP (Profound Lore) 

Sixth album from one of the founding fathers of the American death/funeral doom metal scene.

Glasghote - Rite Of The Siren CD/LP (Doom Stew) 

New album from the Portland, OR three-piece doom band influenced by Weedeater, Sleep, Conan, and Yob. [Limited colored vinyl pressing.]

All That Remains - Victim Of The New Disease CD (Razor & Tie) 

Metalcore vets All That Remains follow-up 2017's The Madness with Victim Of The New Disease which is ushered in by the pull no punches lead single "F**k Love" and also features a guest appearance by Asking Alexandria singer Danny Worsnop on "Just Tell Me Something". Integrating excruciating personal experiences, political rants and controversial commentary with music that's just as confrontational, it's an unapologetic showcase of honesty and ingenuity which induces gentle head-bobbing one moment and teeth-clenching fist pounding the next. [Vinyl edition due January 11.]

Compilations, Best Of's & Sundry Collections

Fleet Foxes - First Collection 2006-2009 4xCD/LP+3x10" (Sub Pop) 

A limited-edition collection in honor of the 10th anniversary of Fleet Foxes' debut LP. First Collection 2006-2009 spans the early days of Fleet Foxes' career, including the self-titled debut album, plus the Sun Giant EP, The First EP (formerly a self-titled, very limited-edition, self-released EP), and B-sides & Rarities. 

Various Artists - Unusual Sounds CD/2xLP (Anthology Recordings) 

Unusual Sounds encapsulates the niche and fascinating subculture of library music. Genres were spliced, conventions dispensed with, and oftentimes hybrid music of astonishing complexity was produced. Elements of rock, jazz, soul, even twentieth-century avant-garde composition were all utilized, and no stone was left unturned in the 20-track compilation. As a result, some of the best library music defies all categorization, reflecting the individualistic quirks and artistry of the various musicians who made it.

Marianne Faithful - Come And Stay With Me: The UK 45s 1964-69 CD (ABKCO) 

The A and B-sides of the ten singles Marianne recorded for UK Decca between 1964 and 1969, plus her Go Away From My World EP. All tracks are in authentic mono, just like the actual 45s. Mastered from the best possible sources, including some fresh Abbey Road transfers of the original tapes. The CD features Marianne's Top 20 hits "As Tears Go By", "Come And Stay With Me", "This Little Bird" and "Summer Nights", plus lesser-known gems such as "Something Better", "That's Right Baby", "House Of The Rising Sun", "Counting" and the controversial cult favorite "Sister Morphine". Producers include Andrew Loog Oldham, Mike Leander, Tony Calder and Mick Jagger.

John Denver - Leaving On A Jet Plane CD (Varèse Sarabande) 

New archive collection from the ionic singer/songwriter. John Denver was part of two signing groups in the late 1960s, The Mitchell Trio and Denver, Boise & Johnson. This 12-track collection includes released and unreleased songs recorded by Reprise Records between 1967 and 1968, including the original versions of "Leaving On A Jet Plane" and "Take Me To Tomorrow".

DVDs and Bluray

Various Artists - The Early Films of William Ferris DVD (Dust-to-Digital)

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, folklorist William Ferris toured his home state of Mississippi, documenting the voices of African Americans as they spoke about and performed the diverse musical traditions that form the roots of the blues. This DVD features seven films made by Ferris between 1968 and 1975.
Ferris is Joel R. Williamson Eminent Professor of History and senior associate director of the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. A former chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Ferris co-edited the Encyclopedia of Southern Culture (1989) and is the author of multiple books.

New on Vinyl

Boygenius - Boygenius 12"+MP3 (Matador) 

Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus formed Boygenius after booking a tour together, but the trio had subconsciously been in the works for longer than that. Through a series of tours and performances and chance encounters that led to friendships - including Bridgers' and Dacus' first in-person meeting backstage at a Philadelphia festival, greenroom hangouts that felt instantly comfortable, and a couple of long email chains - the lyrically and musically arresting singer-songwriters and kindred spirits got to know each other on their own terms. With gut-wrenchingly personal yet easily relatable verses and spare, lilting melodic arrangements, all three are leading a new rock vanguard that values unflinching self-awareness and unassailable songcraft.

Sufjan Stevens - Songs For Christmas [Reissue/2006] 5xLP+MP3 (Asthmatic Kitty) 

First-time vinyl pressing. From 2001 through 2010, Sufjan Stevens recorded an annual Christmas album that he gifted to friends and family. The recording process took place every December for one week, usually at home, provoking collaborations with friends, roommates, and musical peers. In 2006, Stevens' label, Asthmatic Kitty Records, released Songs for Christmas, a CD boxset compiling the first five of these albums, Volumes I-V.

Stereolab - Peng! [Reissue/1992] LP (Too Pure) 

Stereolab - The Groop Played "Space Age Batchelor Pad Music" [Reissue/1993] LP (Too Pure) 

Colored vinyl reissues. Sometimes jam-packed with thundering keyboards and driving drums, at other times ethereal, airy and light, Stereolab's debut album Peng! (1992) captures the thinking man's band at the early stages of its prolific career. Their 1993 EP, The Group Played Space Age Bachelor Pad, is one of the avant-pop group's most experimental works, featuring their twin obsessions - krautrock-derived electronic minimalism and lush pop owing much to both Brian Wilson and Ray Conniff. 

J. Spaceman - Guitar Loops LP (Treader)
J. Spaceman recorded this strange record at his own Amazing Grace Studio in June 2005. Hard to describe in words, it contains elements of systems musics with gamelan-like overtones. Looped cells are contained within longer improvisations, forcing the listener to engage with and make some order from the insistent chaos. Music without precedent or tradition.

The Men - Hated 2008 - 2011 2xLP Sacred Bones) 

NYC's The Men have made a name for themselves as wayfaring musicians, constantly evolving and eluding their listeners. Before they were genre-hopping through country, post-punk, noise rock, and more, they were applying that experimental nature within the more confined space of punk. Within that genre they were wildly adventurous, playing noise shows, hardcore shows, rock shows, and switching up the instrumentation as they saw fit, while always operating within a general punk ethos.

Sleigh Bells - Treats [Reissue/2010] LP (Mom + Pop) 

Limited picture-disc vinyl reissue. New York City noise pop duo Sleigh Bells emerged in the Fall of 2009 with rhythmic pop songs that combine overdriven guitar riffs and sugary female vocal melodies. Featuring the infectious singles "Tell 'Em", "Infinity Guitars" and "Riot Rhythm", the duo's acclaimed 2010 debut Treats comes on strong with Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss crafting a sound that's all climax, like cheap stereos turned up to 11 and boom cars that might actually explode.

Metric - Fantasies [Reissue/2009] LP (Mom + Pop) 

Limited picture-disc vinyl reissue. Canada's Metric scored big in 2005 with Live It Out, a solid collection of tight and punchy, new-wave inspired rock. At the core of the band is singer Emily Haines, who also performs with the venerable Broken Social Scene, while allowing her torch song affinities to shine on solo recordings. With Metric, Haines has a brassy, sexy persona and can deliver a commanding sneer or Lolita precociousness with equal aplomb.

Neon Indian - Era Extraña [Reissue/2011] LP (Mom + Pop) 

Limited picture-disc vinyl reissue. Alan Palomo's sophomore album - recorded mostly alone in Finland in the dead of winter- chronicles the Texas-raised musician's solitary longing and heartsickness with a commitment to tighter, wide-reaching songcraft.

Tokyo Police Club - Champ [Reissue/2010] LP (Mom + Pop) 

Limited picture-disc vinyl reissue. Serving as a huge musical step forward for Tokyo Police Club, Champ was nominated for Canada's Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year and features the lean and economical singles "Breakneck Speed", "Wait Up (Boots Of Danger)" and "Gone".

Cybotron - Enter [Reissue/1983] LP (Craft Recordings) 

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. The debut album by Detroit electro-outfit Cybotron, Enter, released in 1983, is a foundational record in the evolution of electronic dance music. Often cited as one of the forbearers of modern techno, the record is commonly cited as the only old-school electro album with major staying power, largely due to the strength of the writing and the harmonious collision of Juan Atkins' penchant for cosmic funk production techniques and Rick Davis' arena rock sensibilities.

The Cop Killers - The Cop Killers LP (Ecstatic)
Originally issued in 1982. A genuine holy grail of Italian post-industrial music, The Cop Killers' sole, eponymous tape is remastered and issued on vinyl for the first time. An indispensable slice of '80s Europe's underground experimental rhizome, employing a coarse blend of Italian-accented English vox with backing tracks ranging from jaunty synth figures to cloven drum machine malfunctions and noisier wig-outs to present a sci-fi narrative set in a not-so-distant future society. While clearly drawing influence and literary license from classic sci-fi by Orwell, Ray Bradbury, and William Burroughs, the trio also take cues from the not-so-distant history of Italian fascism to offer a subtly coded and subversive warning against right-wing ideologies. 

Yamaoka - Selected Works: Fragmentary Memories 2x12" (Indigo Aera)
Drawing inspiration from the likes of Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra, Oka masterfully uses hardware to create unique loop based sounds drawing resemblances to minimalist Steve Reich's signature sound, while blending in techno-esque elements comparable to those of Terrence Dixon's Population One alias, finding a harmonious middle ground between the two. Oka achieves a live feel to all his work, recording his tracks in real time without the use of DAW's or computers, instead utilizing his Roland MC50 sequencer with perfect effect. This release is a collection of tracks hand-picked by the Indigo Aera bosses, previously released on CD only, plus four completely new and unheard pieces. 

Wylie Cable - Buried at Sea LP (Dome of Doom)
Debut vinyl release from the electronic producer features beatmaker Daedelus and vocalist Laura Darlington. "For me the new album represents mortality, the afterlife, the soul, and the body. For me personally it also speaks to family, history, community, artist communities especially, and the fact that we can do more together than alone. Buried At Sea is the cyclical nature of time, the process of grieving, and ultimately, the road back to happiness and peace." - Wylie Cable

Vinnie Paz - Pain Collector 2xLP (Enemy Soil) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Jedi Mind Tricks frontman Vinnie Paz returns with his fourth, full-length solo album. [Two colored vinyl pressings are available: orange and red.]

Kev Brown - Fill in the Blanks LP (Redefinition Records)
Kev Brown hasn't let off the gas, releasing another album less than 2 months after his critically acclaimed Homework. Fill in the Blank continues the same formula of pairing sporadic beats and raps in an unorthodox, yet seamless presentation, but with tighter mixing, bolder production, and more aggressive rapping. This project is more polished, but "the grit" he is known for is still prominently audible. As a vocalist, Kev has found a great balance of being smooth, concise, unapologetic and passionate with his honesty, love for the craft and flashes of dry humor. Making a guest appearance as the in house DJ, Damu the Fudgemunk exclusively handles all of the scratching. 

Ghost McGrady - Believe LP (Street Corner Music) 

Originally hailing from Florida, Ghost McGrady headed out west and posted up in Koreatown, Los Angeles where neighbors and police frequently complained of a loud smell and an even louder stereo system blaring the wide spectrum of vivid sounds that would ultimately come to form the beats throughout this album. This is a collection of songs composed over the past four years (2014 - 2018) that form one coherent thought: Believe. Each beat was created with an open mind and a 'fuck the popular sound' mentality that comes from years upon years of sample chopping and sound design experience dating back to Ghost McGrady's genesis at age 11 in his darkened bedroom.

PaceWon & Mr. Green - The Only Color That Matters is Green LP (Green Music Group)
A vinyl issue of the 2008 classic. "It has been a while since I've heard an album this easy to listen to. The Only Color That Matters Is Green is really the PaceWon album we've been waiting on for close to a decade. It's fun, it's basic, it just is what it is. No worrying about if it's made for gangsters, hipsters, backpackers or whatever - this album's remarkable production and almost infallible focus takes two outsiders, and puts them in the epicenter of hip-hop's best releases..." -Hiphopdx

Nickelus F - Stuck LP (Vinyl Conflict Records)
A breakout moment for an artist who has already had several. Nickelus F's lucid storytelling has set him apart in recent years as an artist to watch in Richmond's emerging hip-hop underground. Stuck is an introspective trip that deals with intersecting personal and political issues, and is driven by strong lyricism and DIY production style. F has been releasing music for almost a decade now, working alongside artists like Drake, Ohbliv, and Lil Ugly Mane, and his energetic live performances have made him a mainstay on hip-hop bills in Richmond. 

2Pac - Greatest Hits [Reissue/1998] 4xLP (Interscope) 

Greatest Hits non-chronological sequence focuses on the highlights of 2Pac's career: 21 of his most popular tracks are accompanied by four previously unreleased songs.

Les Paul & His Trio - After You've Gone LP (ORG Music) 

An impressive twenty-eight songs recorded by Les Paul & His Trio between 1944-1945. The release was remastered for vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering and pressed on vinyl for the first time ever at Pallas Group in Germany.

Shirley Horn - Softly [Reissue/1988] LP (ORG Music) 

Never before been pressed to vinyl, Shirley Horn's Softly is reflective of the album's late-night recording sessions at Peirre Sprey's home recording studio in rural Maryland, aptly named Mapleshade Studio. The 1988 release is commonly referred to as one of Horn's most introspective and emotionally intensive records to date.

Soundtrack - Rudeboy: The Story Of Trojan Records 2xLP (Trojan) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. 2018 marks five decades since the iconic reggae label changed the British musical and cultural landscape, bringing a new sound and ethos to the world. To mark the occasion, the iconic label is plotting a year-long celebration of its unparalleled history, taking in a series of live events, catalogue music releases, a documentary and definitive coffee table book about this richest of histories.

Akira Fukube - Godzilla OST LP (Doxy)
Akira Ifukube's mighty score to the legendary monster movie that started it all, Godzilla! Ifukube's visionary music is super dark reflecting the horror of Ishiro Honda's film. This incredible score music alternates between brass and strings as we witness the death and destruction that comes in Godzilla's wake. 

Queen - Jazz [Reissue/1978] LP (Hollywood) 

Vinyl reissue of the seventh studio album by the legendary British rock band. 

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway [Reissue/1974] 2xLP (Atlantic) 

This Peter Gabriel-era Genesis masterpiece just missed the Top 40 but remains a magnificent achievement, marrying hypnotic instrumentals with hook-infused rockers.

Elton John - Here And There [Reissue/1976] LP+MP3 (Mercury) 

Elton John - Live in Australia with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra [Reissue/1987] 2xLP+MP3 (Mercury) 

Vinyl reissue of the 1976 and 1987 live albums by the British singer-songwriter - his 14th and 26th albums, respectively.

Eric Clapton - Journeyman [Reissue/1999] 2xLP (Reprise) 

Double vinyl LP pressing housed in Stoughton direct-to-board gatefold jacket. Heralded as a return to form for Clapton, who had struggled with alcohol addiction and had recently found sobriety, Journeyman has a '80s electronic sound.

The Guess Who - American Woman [Reissue/1970] LP (Friday Music) 

Blue colored vinyl reissue of the seventh album by the Canadian rock band.

The Teskey Brothers - Half Mile Harvest LP (Glassnote) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. With its raw combination of blues and soul, The Teskey Brothers' debut Half Mile Harvest has already become essential listening for lovers of old-school music. Featuring songs penned by all four members, the record was put to tape in their home studio in Warrandyte on Melbourne's leafy fringes, self-produced and released independently on their own label in 2017. Throughout Josh Teskey sings of love, longing and heartbreak; his flawless smoked whiskey vocal rises and cracks with undeniable authenticity. Around him the band conjures a groove and tone akin to those emanating from Stax Records sessions circa '67.

We Were Promised Jetpacks - The More I Sleep The Less I Dream LP (We Were Promised Jetpacks) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. "WWPJ ... have shifted towards a more dreamy, indie-rock style that, while it's less aggressive, is still worth the listen. And then some." - [Limited colored vinyl pressing also available.]

The Jack Moves - Free Money LP (Everloving) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. From the crummy and rude glory hole bandits of Newark's Penn Station to the cherry blossom lovers found just north of the city, there's a thread that stitches these disparate elements. Kids run across the boulevard as the soundtrack wafts over the streets. The few bucks forked over to the pregnant lady down on her luck could be the same notes used to cop a flavorful bouquet for a romantic conquest. The triggerman's itchy index is used both to spill rivals and thrill lovers. The Jack Moves are what this sounds like on wax. Painted by a sound reflective of the city's seaside soul, skate-funk punks and the Newark Jack Swing played from transistor radios and boomboxes placed on competitive window sills, The Jack Moves narrative is artfully carried out on the band's sophomore offering.

The Dirty Nil - Master Volume LP (Dine Alone Music Inc.) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. "For those who still pray at the altar of rock music, The Dirty Nil might feel like a second coming. ...this trio from Dundas, ON has thrived on their unabashed devotion to rock 'n' roll in its purest, loudest and most electrifying form. And Master Volume is a defining sermon, distilling decades of guitar-charged power and wisdom into 10 succinct commandments." - Exclaim

Rata Negra - Justicia Cósmica LP (La Vida es un Mus)
Made up of members from Juanita Y Los Feos and La Urss, this trio have a strong work ethic and deal in super catchy and upbeat punk. On Justicia Cósmica, their sophomore LP, Rata Negra have upped the pop element in the songs, and the production is stronger and chunky, without losing any of its rawness. Their sound is immersed in the darker and morbid side of post punk but mixed with the up-tempo vibes of LA's X and Gorilla Angreb.

Brand Of Sacrifice - The Interstice LP (Unique Leader) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Hailing from Toronto and New York, Brand Of Sacrifice are a prime example of genre bending extremity at its absolute finest. Blastbeats and mechanized riffing collides with sitars, whammy pedals and some of the most guttural offerings in recent years through monster vocalist Kyle Anderson. The Interstice shines with unpredictable song structures that are as mind -melting as they are immediately catchy.

Bufihimat - I LP (Willowtip) 

New release from the Russian metal trio. [Limited colored vinyl pressing.]

Gazelle Twin - Pastoral LP (Anti-Ghost Moon Ray)
Pastoral exhumes England's rotten past and shines a torch over its ever-darkening present. Told through a troupe of multi-gender voices, in vernaculars old and new; from the shrill echo of folksong to tabloid-tinged jaunts, the artist presents the notion that "there is horror in every idyll, and danger lurking beyond the 'quaint'." The album overflows with a frenzy of traditional and contemporary musical tropes; from early music instrumentation -- the harpsichord and the humble recorder, fed through myriad electronics -- to the compelling, ritualistic application of found sample-looping. Beyond Elizabeth Bernholz's signature choral-infusions, here reverberating like a warped Sunday Service, there are even shades of '90s house and the once-thriving rural rave scene, albeit recalled as a watery, second-hand memory. 

Various Artists - Sowas von Egal: German Synth Wave Underground 1980-1985LP (Bureau B)
A collaboration between Bureau B and the Hamburg party series Damaged Goods, an event where people can dance to music beyond the electro clichés, focusing on seldom-heard post-punk and synth-wave from, or in the style of, the 1980s. Many of the old records played in the club had only been pressed in small quantities, often sold exclusively at the respective bands' gigs, and this collaboration with Bureau B was be dedicated to selecting tracks that are not readily available on vinyl and have not been rereleased (or the reissues themselves are genuine rarities). Features: Träneninvasion, Der Moderne Man, Silberstreif, El Deux, Nullzeit, Hoffnung and Psyche, Schwellköper, New Dimension, Berlin Express, Pension Stammheim, Alu, Matthias Schuster, Gorilla Aktiv, 08/15.

Shinichi Atobe - Heat 2xLP (Demdike Stare)
Heat is a surprise new double album from mysterious techno producer Shinichi Atobe, continuing a run of highly enigmatic, acclaimed and completely unparalleled productions that follow their own timeless logic. There's no sonic fiction involved; this material really does just turn up on a CD sent by air mail from Japan to Manchester, sparse info, no messing, pure gold, with cover art suggesting the balmy, slightly f***ed, sun-stroked material within. This music takes you elsewhere almost immediately; that fan on your desk is basically a summer breeze. In fact, this whole album is absurd, completely effortless, and a total classic. Try to find a more life-affirming electronic album in 2018. 

Kode9 & Burial - FabricLive 100 4xLP (Fabric)
4LP version. Burial and Kode9 are each credited with fostering esoteric, hyperlocal sounds and steering them to global recognition. As such, these tracks reach into obscure corners and across a disorienting range of tempos. This set of four vinyl LPs -- produced to accompany the final FabricLive 100 compilation release, features 28 of the 37 tracks on the compilation in their unmixed format. Featuring artists from Africa, China, South America, and Japan as well as the Europe and US. Drawing from gqom, juke, and footwork to trance, jungle, and grime, as well as a wealth of material that defies categorization.

Etelin - Hui Terra LP (Soda Gong)
This enchanting, gently surreal debut album from Alex Cobb's Etelin project explores the power and playfulness of impulsive action diffused through electro-acoustic and ambient sound. This music was created with digital synthesizers and a sampler in the four months immediately following the birth of his first child, a hazy period marked by a lack of regular sleep. Recorded and arranged at all hours, this is an album that reflects on moments of tumult and fragility. Cobb sews small sharpnesses and surprises into its movements to uncover different aspects of each sound source, doubling as hypnic starts cast to advance and vary the narrative in subtle and unexpected ways. This is underscored and doused by a slow, blooming sense of warmth; growing joy without bombast.

Book of Air - Se (in) de bos, performed by Vvolk LP (Sub Rosa)
Se (in) de bos is a slow-paced 60 minute piece performed by Vvolk and composed by Stijn Cools. It is astonishing how improvised music can create such a timeless, and calming experience for the listener. The three interwoven bass lines give the deep drive and foundation of the sound, completed with a layer of acoustic instruments and sparkling chords on top. Se (in) de bos is inspired by the fluctuation objectivity of our daily observations. Vvolk investigates performing and improvising music, in close relation to present time: what are the possibilities in playing music, when changes in this music pass by unnoticed? Book Of Air/Vvolk is known for its "whole night laying down" concert, and is one of the only acoustic ambient orchestras in the world. 

Reissues & From The Archives

The Beatles - The White Album [Reissue/1968] 3xCD/2xLP/4xLP/6xCD+Blu-ray (Capitol) 

For 50 years, The White Album has invited its listeners to venture forth and explore the breadth and ambition of its music, delighting and inspiring each new generation in turn. The Beatles have now released a suite of lavishly presented White Album packages, including an expanded 3xCD and 4xLP package. The album's 30 tracks are newly mixed and remastered by producer Giles Martin and mix engineer Sam Okell on two CDs (standard double 180gm vinyl LP pressing featuring this new stereo mix is available) and features a third CD of the Esher Demos. A Super Deluxe expanded 6xCD + Blu-ray package featuring 5.1 surround audio, 27 early acoustic demos and 50 session takes, most of which are previously unreleased in any form, is also available. 

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland [Reissue/1968] 3xCD+Blu-ray/6xLP+Blu-ray (Sony Legacy) 

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of the Jimi Hendrix Experience masterpiece Electric Ladyland, Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings present a special Deluxe Edition box set. The set includes the original album newly remastered by Bernie Grundman from the original analog tapes, Electric Ladyland: The Early Takes, which presents 20 never before heard demos and studio outtakes from this period in Hendrix's career, Jimi Hendrix Experience: Live At The Hollywood Bowl 9/14/68, part of Experience Hendrix's Dagger Records official bootleg series, and a Blu-Ray disc including the full-length documentary At Last... The Beginning: The Making of Electric Ladyland plus a new 5.1 surround sound mix of the entire original album by Hendrix's original engineer Eddie Kramer plus the original stereo mixes in uncompressed 24 bit/96k high resolution audio.

Jethro Tull - This Was [Reissue/1968] 3xCD+DVD (WB/Parlophone) 

Digitally remastered edition of the legendary band's 1968 debut with the Steven Wilson Remix of the original, plus rare recordings and new mixes. Includes the original album and bonus tracks remixed in stereo by Steven Wilson plus: live BBC sessions recorded in 1968, original mono mix and original 1968 UK stereo mix and original album and bonus tracks remixed by Steven Wilson in 4.1 DTS and AC3 Dolby Digital surround and 96/24 LPCM stereo. Presented in a casebound DVD book filled with an extensive history of the album, track-by-track annotations by Ian Anderson, plus rare and unseen photographs.

The Glands - Double Coda CD/LP (New West) 

The Glands - Double Thriller [Reissue/1996] CD/LP (New West) 

The Glands - The Glands [Reissue/2000] CD/LP (New West) 

Double Coda is comprised of 23 unreleased tracks written by the late Ross Shapiro. Athens, GA luminaries The Glands' first two albums established Ross as an unlikely and maybe even unwilling cult artist; you could argue that not enough people bought Double Thriller and The Glands, but everyone who did became avid fans for life. Ross's passing in 2016 left a hole in Athens, where he had become a fixture and arguably even a celebrity of sorts. And there really is something heroic about his career as an artist, something noble to a life devoted to creativity. 

Fastball - All The Pain Money Can Buy [Reissue/1998] CD/LP (Omnivore) 

This 20th anniversary edition of Fastball's second album contains the original 13 songs plus nine bonus tracks including rare B-sides, compilation tracks, and four previously unissued demos.

Sonny Clark Trio - The 1960 Time Sessions 2xCD (Tompkins Square) 

Sonny Clark's reputation as one of the finest jazz pianists of his era has grown in recent years, with many folks rediscovering his classic Blue Note recordings like Cool Struttin' (1958), Dial 'S' For Sonny (1957), Leapin' And Lopin' (1961), as well as session work with Lee Morgan, Grant Green and others. Cut down by heroin addiction at age 31 in 1961, Clark's legacy continues to expand. The Time Sessions were produced by the late Bob Shad, owner of Time and Mainstream Records. This reissue includes the original Time album remastered from the original tapes by Dave Donnelly, plus an extra disc of alternate takes.