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New Releases

Rosanne Cash - She Remembers Everything CD/LP (Blue Note) 

Dreams still beckon in a damaged world, and Rosanne Cash renders them with fierce grace on her new Blue Note offering She Remembers Everything. The follow-up to Cash's 2014 release The River & The Thread, the album offers shimmering pop - with hints of twang and jazz - that could find a home in almost any year of postwar American music. But the luminescence and bright production are shot through with a darker vision, trenchant vocals, minor chords, and bent notes that destabilize the landscape. Familiar yet alien, Cash's take on being a woman in the world reveals just how much has gone awry. [Limited edition pink colored vinyl pressing also available. Deluxe CD edition includes three bonus tracks. Box set due November 16.]

Pistol Annies - Interstate Gospel CD (RCA) 

Country supertrio Pistol Annies - featuring Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, and Angaleena Presley - return with their third album. Interstate Gospel showcases the Grammy-nominated group's stunning harmonies, encompassing celebratory anthems, classic country storytelling and vibey swagger. [Vinyl due 11/23]

Marianne Faithfull - Negative Capability CD (BMG) 

Negative Capability (a title borrowed from Romantic poet John Keats) is Marianne Faithfull's 21st album of her 54-year recording career. Facing down arthritis and bolstered by collaborators including Warren Ellis, Nick Cave, Rob Ellis, Ed Harcourt and Mark Lanegan, Negative Capability is charged with brutal honesty and autobiographical reflection as she addresses losing old friends, the loneliness of living in her adopted city of Paris and still hoping love can come around. It includes the single "The Gypsy Faerie Queen" co-written with Nick Cave and covers of contemporaries The Rolling Stones ("As Tears Go By") and Bob Dylan ("It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"). [Deluxe vinyl + CD edition includes bonus tracks is available for special order.]

Richard Lloyd - The Countdown CD (Plowboy) 

Lloyd's (Rocket From The Tombs, Television) trademark fusion of garage rock crunch, irresistible power pop hooks and metaphysical soul is apparent from the opening riff of the The Countdown's inaugural rocker "Wind in the Rain". [Also available: Deluxe edition containing an autographed copy of the CD and a paperback copy of his recent autobiography Everything Is Combustible.]

Thought Gang - Thought Gang CD/LP (Sacred Bones) 

By the time Twin Peaks' second season had aired and Fire Walk With Me had just began principle production, Thought Gang had been born. The esoteric jazz side-project of David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti evolved from the seeds of Twin Peaks' trademark slow cool jazz and blossomed into more experimental pastures: horizonless vistas of acid-soaked free-jazz, laced with spoken word narratives and sprawling noisescapes.

Peter, Björn And John - Darker Days CD/LP (Ingrid) 

The eighth studio album from the Swedish trio, Darker Days first began coming together in Stockholm at Atlantis Studios, where the songs were written in the immediate aftermath of Breakin' Point. A concerted effort to, as a press release puts it, "strip away the noise," however, has resulted in a careful, measured march towards a "composed and simple" album. The album's construction began with the conjuring of its title, which Peter Morén, Björn Yttling and John Eriksson used as a jumping off point for their songs. Though composed separately, the songs each feature contributions from the individual members.

Dead Can Dance - Dionysus CD/2xLP+CD (PIAS America) 

Dead Can Dance's new album took shape as Brendan Perry became fascinated by long established spring and harvest festivals that had their origins in Dionysian religious practices throughout Europe. Dionysus brings to the fore the rites and rituals that today continue to be informed by the Greek god. The album's seven movements, in the form of an oratorio, represent different facets of the Dionysus myth and his cult. As with the rest of the Dead Can Dance catalog, rhythms inspired by world traditions play a key role, with tracks seeming less like songs and more like fragments of a cohesive whole. Perry blends all of the album's elements together using field recordings and chanting, including a goatherd in Switzerland, beehives from New Zealand, and bird calls from Mexico and Brazil. Perry uses this not only to invoke the album's atmosphere and symbolic references but also to demonstrate how music can be found everywhere. [Indie-exclusive deluxe edition features heavyweight colored vinyl, CD and a 16-page 12" x 12" hardback picture book with padded cover.]

The Prodigy - No Tourists CD/LP (BMG) 

Original electronic music trailblazers The Prodigy are back with a new album. No Tourists is "ultimately about escapism and the want and need to be derailed. Don't be a tourist - there is always more danger and excitement to be found if you stray from the set path" says Prodigy found and frontman Liam Howlett. The album was written, produced and mixed Howlett in his studio in London's Kings Cross though this is - Liam notes - "very much a band album." Members Maxim and Keef Flint are very much present and correct, each supplying their legendary vocal skills. Yes, there are one or two collaborators, but fundamentally this is the sound of the central Prodigy three, bringing their riotous sound to audiences old and new, two decades since their epochal album The Fat Of The Land. Expanding on the general shape of the project, Liam says: "this album is equally aggressive as the last records - but in a different way." A musician, songwriter and studio maestro, Howlett is as rigorous and righteously up for it as he was when he formed his 28-years-young band. He explains that, as ever, the new songs "are built to play live. That's the one thing that brings everything together. I couldn't write this music unless it has that outlet on stage. That helps write the music. This is what I do it for: the live thing. And until we feel like we can't do it, or the buzz goes, we won't stop." [Indie-exclusive vinyl pressing.]

Kelly Moran - Ultraviolet CD/LP+MP3 (Warp) 

Composer, producer, keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Kelly Moran made an early name for herself in New York collaborating with dance performance and composing for long-term John Cage collaborator Margaret Leng Tan. It was with the 2017 album Bloodroot that Moran began to reach wider attention. Now, on her Warp Records debut Ultraviolet she continues to interpret these wealth of inspirations into a sound all her own and pulls off a nearly impossible feat: the annihilation of experimental music's imposing, esoteric, über-academic status quo in the name of pure, unbridled intuition, of human joy.

Tenacious D - Post-Apocalypto CD/2xLP (Columbia) 

Post-Apocalypto is an original, six-part animated video series from the minds of rock duo Tenacious D, comprised of Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Each frame of every episode was hand-drawn by Jack himself, with every character voiced by Black and Gass, and can be watched via Tenacious D's YouTube page. True to the title, Post-Apocalypto finds Tenacious D thrust into a world of complete and utter destruction following the drop of an atomic bomb. Surviving the attack in classic cinematic fashion (a good old imperishable 1950's refrigerator), the duo quickly learns that new forms of evil have spawned from the blast. One thing becomes apparent - for humanity to prevail, Tenacious D must save the world. All six episodes feature new Tenacious D songs, culminating in this new 21-track album of the same name.

Sun Kil Moon - This Is My Dinner CD (Caldo Verde) 

This Is My Dinner was written during Sun Kil Moon's November 2017 European tour. The album was recorded November 18, 2017 at TAPF Studio in Copenhagen and December 7, 8, 9, 2017 at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco. Music by Tony Scherr, Ben Boye, and Ramon Fermin. Words by Mark Kozelek. Musicians include Tony Scherr, Jim White, Scott McPherson, Ben Boye, Ramon Fermin, Chris Connolly and special guest Jordan Cook.

Two Medicine - Astropsychosis CD/LP (Bella Union) 

"I'd always wanted Midlake to experiment more with the arrangements, or to get more into psychedelic textures," says Paul Alexander, the bassist from Denton's prog-folk voyagers. Those ambitions are fulfilled on Astropsychosis, Alexander's debut album as Two Medicine. Richly ambitious in its sonic color and conceptual reach, Astropsychosis is an album of luminous space and mindful grace, its depths and details coaxed into orbit with the lightness of an artist in his element.

Paint - Paint CD/LP (Mexican Summer) 

Paint (Allah-Las guitarist/singer Pedrum Siadatian) makes his mark with his first self-titled solo record. After Allah-Las 2016 Calico Review album he started 4-tracking his own strange ideas fed by the acid-bitter poetry and murky music of Kevin Ayers & Syd Barrett. He found a producer in Frank Maston who instinctively understood the songs would fall apart in the studio if scrubbed too hard. Paint's first album isn't always clean but it's very, very clear: sometimes the mess is the message.

Part Time - Spell #6 CD/LP (Burger) 

Nearing a decade old and with a discography reaching deep into double figures across several different labels (Mexican Summer, Burger, Plastic Response Records) David Loca's work under the Part Time moniker really shouldn't require any introduction. Nonetheless, the release of what is officially his sixth album, fittingly titled Spell #6, does signal something of a re-birth and provides a compelling entry point for anyone new to Loca's prolific output. Whereas previous albums were notable for a charming lo-fi production, Spell #6 takes Part Time uptown.

Matt Corby - Rainbow Valley CD/LP (Elektra) 

For a decade, Matt Corby has been pushing his own boundaries, embracing a journey of self-discovery that's seen him wrestle a few pre-conceptions and stare down his share of demons. Now, with two ARIA Song of the Year awards on the shelf, and a No. 1 debut album, Telluric, behind him, Corby can genuinely lay claim to some hard-earned perspective. As he had with Telluric, Corby once again enlisted the help of producer Dann Hume (Amy Shark, Client Liason) and engineer Matthew Neighbour (Avalanches, Missy Higgins). Everything else - drums, strings, keys, synths, piano and vocals - he took care of himself. The results speak for themselves. Lush, multi-textured and sparked by hints of both old soul and futuristic psychedelia, Rainbow Valley is, in Corby's words "joyous music," but it also has the depth and perspective of an artist who understands you can't just take the good times for granted, you have to earn them.

Doug Paisley - Starter Home CD/LP (No Quarter) 

To make his first album in nearly five years, Doug Paisley stayed in his hometown of Toronto, Canada playing with old friends and collaborators, and recording in home studios around the city. He spent the previous few years writing, and Starter Home showcases an already brilliant songwriter getting even better. The songs are rooted in the sound of folk and country, but the themes are universal and expansive, not belonging to any genre. The recording itself is quiet, often only minimally adorned, showcasing Paisley's incredible voice and guitar playing.

Michael Martin Murphey - Austinology: Alleys Of Austin CD (Wildfire Productions) 

Michael Martin Murphey's new album, Austinology: Alleys Of Austin is filled with songs that laid the groundwork for what is today considered Americana music, but don't think for one minute that this is a nostalgia project. 50 years after Murphey helped pioneer the Austin Music Scene (along with Jerry Jeff Walker, Gary P. Nunn and more), his latest offering is a look at the seminal period of Austin's music history that set the stage for the outlaw movement with Nelson and Waylon Jennings, among others, and the live music scene that is still thriving there. [Vinyl edition due November 30.]

Barbra Streisand - Walls CD (Sony) 

Walls is Barbra Streisand's first album primarily consisting of original songs since 2005 and the first release from the multi-talented star to encompass a unified social theme. It finds Barbra exploring both her concerns and hopes for the future in a collection filled with beautiful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. [Vinyl edition due December 7.]

Andrew Cyrille, Wadada Leo Smith, Bill Frisell - Lebroba CD (ECM) 

Andrew Cyrille's title Lebroba is a contraction of Leland, Brooklyn and Baltimore, birthplaces of the protagonists of an album bringing together three of creative music's independent thinkers. Each of them made his first ECM appearance long ago: drummer Andrew Cyrille on Marion Brown's Afternoon Of A Georgia Faun (1970), trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith on his own classic Divine Love (1978), and guitarist Bill Frisell on Eberhard Weber's Fluid Rustle (1979); these are, of course, players of enduring influence. Frisell contributed to Cyrille's previous ECM disc The Declaration Of Musical Independence, but Lebroba marks a first-time meeting for the guitarist and Smith. [Vinyl edition due December 7.]

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Overload CD/LP+MP3 (Brainfeeder) 

Typically working alone, the record flips that dynamic and takes Georgia out of her comfort zone for the first time since Seeds (2003) which was entirely produced by Madlib. Overload bears the fruits of numerous collaborations, most notably with duo Mike & Keys (50 Cent, Nipsey Hussle, Snoop Dogg, G-Eazy) who contribute production to four tracks including the sleek, anthemic title track alongside Khalil (Dr Dre). A modern soul classic in the making.

Drug Church - Cheer CD/LP (Pure Noise) 

Drug Church is a glorious contradiction. They are an unabashedly aggressive band that writes hooks you can't stop humming: too poppy for the heavy crowd, too heavy for the poppy crowd. Their frontman is a singer who rarely sings and delivers lyrics that revel in the darkest corners of the human condition, but are just as likely to make you laugh as they are to make you flinch.

All Get Out - No Bouquet CD/LP (Equal Vision) 

Mature emo that recalls The Weakerthans, Murder By Death, and Bright Eyes, as much as it does Taking Back Sunday or Jimmy Eat World.

Arsis - Visitant CD/LP (Nuclear Blast America) 

James Malone has spent the better part of the last five years preparing for Arsis' new album, Visitant. Not that the guitarist/vocalist/primary creative force has had a lot of time to follow-up 2013's savagely good Unwelcome album. He's been intimately involved in the unexpected explosion of supergroup Necromancing The Stone and teaching guitar at the School Of Rock. Additionally, sideman Brandon Ellis ended up joining death metallers The Black Dahlia Murder. Between Malone and Ellis' non-Arsis responsibilities, new material was put on the proverbial backburner. Indeed, Arsis' return is a welcome one. [Limited colored vinyl pressing.]

Devil Master - Manifestations CD/LP (Relapse) 

Philadelphia, PA's Devil Master have been spitting in the face of convention since forming in 2016 with their raw, twisted brand of death rock meets black metal punk mayhem. Manifestations is a compilation of the band's full catalog, two sold out demos from 2016 and 2017 (Tape and Inhabit The Corpse); remixed and remastered. Debut full-length album coming in early 2019.

The Ocean - Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic CD (Metal Blade) 

Based in Berlin, Germany, The Ocean have been making what they refer to as 'ambient soundtrack doomrock' since 2001. Their style combines elements of hardcore punk and modern, technical metal with epic arrangements and classical instrumentation. After five years of touring on 2013's Pelagial, the band delivers their long-awaited eighth studio album, Phanerozoic, split into two volumes. [Vinyl edition due December 14.]

Compilations, Best Of's & Sundry Collections

Bob Dylan - More Blood, More Tracks: The Bootleg Series Vol. 14 CD/6xCD/2xLP (Sony) 

The latest chapter in Columbia/Legacy's highly acclaimed Bob Dylan Bootleg Series makes available the pivotal studio recordings made by Dylan during six extraordinary sessions in 1974 - four in New York (September 16, 17, 18, 19) and two in Minneapolis (December 27, 30) - that resulted in the artist's 1975 masterpiece, Blood On The Tracks. [The strictly limited Deluxe six-CD set includes every surviving take from the album, including the complete New York sessions.]

Eagles - Legacy 12xCD+DVD+Blu-ray/15xLP (Elektra) 

Legacy includes all seven of the Eagles' studio albums, three live albums, and a compilation of singles and B-sides. It is packaged in a handsome slipcase accompanied by a 54-page hardbound book filled with rare and unseen photos, memorabilia, and artwork encompassing the band's entire career. The CD edition includes two concert videos: Hell Freezes Over (DVD) and Farewell Tour: Live From Melbourne (Blu-ray).

You Know... For Kids...

Pete The Cat - Pete The Cat CD (Sleeping Giant) 

Pete The Cat is a wildly successful series of children's books, and now is also an animated series. The first soundtrack from the animated series features 28 tracks from the show. Voices and songs in the show are done by Elvis Costello, Diana Krall, KT Tunstall, Don Was, Jason Mraz, and many more.

For the Holidaze

Rodney Crowell - Christmas Everywhere CD/LP (New West) 

"A few years back, it became evident to my family, and indeed myself, that I'd gone sour on all things related to Christmas. Sometime around Christmas 2016 I came home to find my granddaughters, sitting side by side and playing on our old upright piano a melody that to my ear sounded like something from the early nineteenth century. I asked them what song they were playing and in unison they replied, 'something we just made up.' I hit record on my iPhone and asked them to play it again. Using their melody almost entirely, I spent a couple of months composing the words to 'Come Christmas'. I was finally ready to record an album of original Christmas songs. With Dan Knobler producing and some very gifted musicians and vocalists lending their talents, the making of the album Christmas Everywhere ranks as some of the most enjoyable recording sessions I've ever experienced." - Rodney Crowell

JD McPherson - Socks CD/LP (New West) 

Featuring eleven original tracks written by JD McPherson and his friends, Socks is a collection of holiday songs sure to become standards while you are decking the halls or decorating the tree. Come get warm by the fire with songs such as, "All The Gifts I Need" and "Every Single Christmas", or burn the cookies to the title cut and "Ugly Christmas Sweater". There is something for everyone on this record to enjoy whether you are in the Christmas spirit or if you just wanna say, "Bah Humbug."

Eric Clapton - Happy Xmas [Deluxe Edition] CD+LP+7"+USB (Surfdog)

This limited-edition box set is wrapped in red-and-white faux fur (like Santa's hat) and includes the new album on CD, a 7" picture flexi vinyl and a rubbery USB drive derived from Eric's Santa sketch that doubles as an ornament and contains the album as hi-def WAV files, an interview, album art and bonus video content. An additional metal-alloy ornament rounds out this lavish set.

Live & In Concert

Steven Wilson - Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall 2xCD+2xDVD/2xCD+2xBlu-ray (Eagle Records) 

At the end of March 2018, Steven Wilson played a sell-out three-night residency at London's Royal Albert Hall. Home Invasion: In Concert At The Royal Albert Hall captures the last show of the three-night run and includes nearly three hours of live performance. [Vinyl edition tentatively scheduled for March 2019.]

Charles Mingus - Jazz In Detroit/Strata Concert Gallery/46 Selden 5xCD/5xLP (BBE) 

The radical discovery by Amir Abdullah of 5 two-track master tapes in the care of Hermine Brooks - widow of innovative Detroit drummer Roy Brooks - of the Charles Mingus Quintet recorded live in Detroit at Strata Concert Gallery is cause for some serious celebration. These electrifying recordings took place during Mingus' weeklong residency in February 1973. They were broadcast live by drummer/producer and broadcaster Robert Bud Spangler for WDET FM - a public radio station dedicated to jazz - from Kenny and Barbara Cox's multi-purpose home for Strata Records at 46 Seldon.

Touché Amoré - 10 Years/1000 Shows - Live At The Regent Theatre CD/2xLP+MP3 (Epitaph) 

February 2018 marked the 10-year anniversary of the first show ever played by Los Angeles, CA melodic post-hardcore quintet Touché Amoré. To celebrate the feat the band played their 1000th show at the Regent Theater in downtown L.A, and the incredible event was captured on their new live album, 10 Years/1000 Shows - Live At The Regent Theater. 27 tracks spanning the band's entire catalogue. Mixed by Converge's Kurt Ballou.

New on Vinyl

Joni Mitchell - Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced [Reissue/2014] 8xLP (Elektra) 

Originally released as a four-CD set in 2014 and available on vinyl for the first time as a 180gm eight-LP box, Love Has Many Faces: A Quartet, A Ballet, Waiting to Be Danced collects 53 songs recorded throughout Joni Mitchell's landmark career. Mitchell selected the material from 40 years of recording and designed the package. It was first conceived as the music to a ballet about love. But after spending 18 months trying to distill everything she'd written about love-and the lack of it-down to a single disc, the influential singer-songwriter abandoned the ballet.

Jon Batiste - Hollywood Africans LP (Verve) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. With Hollywood Africans, Jon Batiste dives deep into his own personal and cultural heritage, weaving an intimate and emotional tapestry out of original material and American standards that carries the listener from the early jazz of New Orleans to the present day.

Kids See Ghosts - Kids See Ghosts LP (G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Kids See Ghosts is the eponymous debut from the hip-hop duo of the same name featuring Kanye West and Kid Cudi and the third of five 7-track 2018 albums produced by West succeeding Pusha T's Daytona and his own ye and preceding Nas' Nasir and Teyana Taylor's K.T.S.E. It includes contributions from Pusha T, Yasiin Bey, Ty Dolla Sign and a posthumous vocal sample of Louis Prima.

Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Tang Forever [Reissue/1997] 4xLP (Sony Legacy) 

Vinyl reissue of the brazenly titled second effort Wu-Tang Forever in 1997. The sprawling release includes even more elaborate production flourishes than their debut, with powerful off-kilter beats, inventive samples and soundtrack style violins and synths aplenty. Wu-Tang continues to tell great narrative stories about the trials and tribulations of urban life here

Arcade Fire - Arcade Fire [Reissue/2003] 12" (Sony Legacy) 

Vinyl reissue of the original Arcade Fire demo EP recorded in August 2003 in a barn in Maine, and featuring an earlier lineup of the band (Win Butler, Régine Chassagne, Dane Mills, Brendan Reed and Myles Broscoe).

The Beta Band - The Beta Band 3xLP+CD (Because Music)
A deluxe 3LP reissue of The Beta Band's 1999 self-titled debut. With high anticipation for The Beta Band on the heels of their successful EP releases, the band originally planned to record the album in four separate continents, but financial constraints slimmed the recording locations down. However, the album was still recorded in a variety of locations, pulling inspiration from sources as diverse as Jamaican reggae, Disney's The Black Hole (1979) and Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart". The album was initially intended to contain a bonus disc of two long-form ambient pieces, "Happiness and Colour" and "The Hut", both of which lasted over 20 minutes and represented the band's desire to "make a record of sound as a description for something like happiness, where a distinct first part gives way to a distinct second part." For this reissue, these previously cut pieces have been restored as a bonus disc.

Unwound - Leaves Turn Inside You [Reissue/2001] 2xLP (Numero) 

The Unwound album that ended all Unwound albums. Recorded in a moldering farmhouse basement at the crest of the new century, Leaves Turn Inside You is the no-wave response to Spector's wall of noise call. Infinite layers of choppy guitar stabs and bridge scrapes, guttural bass thronk, thrift store synths, and monotone chanting wash over suffocating rhythms to deliver the world's only choral grunge LP. Remastered from the original analog tapes and pressed on heavyweight vinyl for the discerning noise-nik.

Chevelle - 12 Bloody Spies: B-sides And Rarities LP (Epic) 

Released last week on CD - now available on vinyl. As the title suggests, 12 Bloody Spies: B-sides And Rarities culls together songs that haven't appeared on the standard editions of the band's eight studio albums, offering remastered versions of the tunes.

The Greeting Committee - This Is It LP (Harvest) 

Released last week on CD - now available on vinyl. The Greeting Committee's debut album This Is It is a coming-of-age story, a reflection on growing up but defiantly holding onto a certain innocence. All between the ages of 19 and 21, the Kansas City-based band delivers an undeniably original selection of songs that feel as intimate as a basement recording but unfold in intricate textures and melodic sophistication. With delicate yet powerful vocals, frontwoman Addie Sartino instills This Is It with an openheartedness that transcends age and time, bringing both dreamy sensitivity and wide-eyed wisdom to every track.

Tokyo Police Club - TPC LP (Dine Alone Music) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Tokyo Police Club return with their first full-length in four years. After putting aside the idea of splitting up and back-burnering their commercial expectations, TPC recaptures the energy of their early years and was built on camaraderie and esprit de corps. Favoring simple rhythms, slower tempos and drive over details, the band felt that there was only one person who could capture this liberation on tape - producer Rob Schnapf, whom the band worked with on 2010's Champ.

Morgan Saint - Alien 12"+MP3 (Epic) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. One listen to Morgan Saint's warm delivery, dreamy instrumentation, and lush lyrical poetry, and you're somewhere else. The New York songstress invites you back into that world with her second EP, Alien and its seductive lead track "On Fire". As adept at creating accessible pop soundscapes as she is at mining her more melancholic reflections, she's woven a cathartic blend here adding colorful new layers to her thought-provoking repertoire that continues to challenge musical norms.

Audiobooks - Now! (In A Minute) LP (PIAS America) 

Audiobooks is the new project from super-producer/mixer David Wrench (Frank Ocean, The xx, Caribou, FKA Twigs) and artist/model Evangeline Ling. The duo began making music after a chance meeting at a party. Audiobooks ride the sharp neon lines that run between the north Wales coast and the grubby heart of after-hours London. Stretched out over stuttering, glitchy glam electronics, their songs are woozy fly-on-the-wall accounts and out of body journeys through the capital at night. 

Heather Leigh - Throne LP (Editions Mego) 

On Throne, Heather Leigh takes her place as queen of pedal steel with a suite of heart-rending ballads cauterized with burning riffs. After the rawness of its precursor I Abused Animal, Throne is a record of late night Americana and heavy femininity; intimate love songs smoked in sensuality. The songs are woozy, gorgeous and uncomfortable, smothered in thick layers of bass but lifted by multi-tracked vocals. Qluster - Elemente LP (Bureau B) Seventh album from the third incarnation of the legendary krautronic project Kluster/Cluster springs a surprise with a minor sensation: sequencer lines. Using an array of exclusively analogue instruments, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Onnen Bock and Armin Metz have recorded eight tracks which, at one and the same time, are intrinsically hypnotic and sublimely beautiful.

A Certain Ratio - The Graveyard And The Ballroom [Reissue/1980] LP (Mute) 

Fully showcasing A Certain Ratio's legendary mix of angular, bass heavy post-punk, The Graveyard And The Ballroom has been a collectors' item ever since its initial release on cassette at the dawn of the '80s. Limited orange colored vinyl pressing.

Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw [Reissue/2008] LP+7" Flexi (Run For Cover) 

Since its initial limited release in 2008, Tigers Jaw's self-titled album has become a reference point for most underground indie rock to come after it. This deluxe colored vinyl reissue packed with special features including: A zine with alternate photos from the original album art sessions, a collection of stories and memories from Nick Hamm (Citizen), Georgia Maq (Camp Cope), Jeff Casazza (RFC), Walter Schreifels (Quicksand), Phoebe Bridgers and Ben Russin (Title Fight), full color photo 7" flexi record with an alternate version of "Chemicals".

Ian William Craig - Thresholder LP (FatCat) 

Thresholder sees Craig return towards the smudged and scoured beauty of his 2016 opus, Centres, a record which was universally acclaimed, making many end-of-year lists. For Craig the focus of the album was a great boundlessness of space, the sound of the big bang, the spookiness of the quantum world, and vacillations of different kinds of conflicting time. Besides as the often-quoted William Basinski reference point, the music here recalls the visceral media-decay of early '00s operators like Fennesz, Belong, Desormais, Philip Jeck or Pimmon.

Wolfgang Muthspiel, Ambrose Akinmusire, Brad Mehldau, Larry Grenadier, Eric Harland - Where The River Goes LP (ECM) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Where The River Goes carries the story forward from Wolfgang Muthspiel's highly-acclaimed Rising Grace recording of 2016, reuniting the Austrian guitarist with Brad Mehldau, Ambrose Akinmusire and Larry Grenadier, heavy talents all, and bringing in the great Eric Harland on drums. Much more than an "all-star" gathering, the group plays as an ensemble with its own distinct identity, evident both in the interpretation of Muthspiel's pieces and in the collective playing. The album, recorded at Studios La Buissonne in February 2018, and produced by Manfred Eicher, features six compositions by Muthspiel and one by Mehldau, plus group improvisation.

Jakob Bro Trio - Bay Of Rainbows LP (ECM) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. There is no hurry to this music, but there is great depth, observed London Jazz News about Danish guitarist Jakob Bro's trio with two kindred-spirit Americans: bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer Joey Baron. Dave Brubeck - Time In [Reissue/1966] LP (ORG Music) Time In is last release of Dave Brubeck's 'Time' series, and is often referred to as one of the pianist's most dynamic and adventurous records. The 1966 studio album ranges from alluring ballads to driving hard bop, with intricate solos strewn about from each player. 180gm.

Eureka Brass Band - New Orleans Funeral And Parade Music LP (ORG Music) 

What started in the early 20th century was a melding of traditions from both European origins as well as African cultural influences in Louisiana for funeral services. The colonial past of New Orleans brought its marching band tradition to local services and combined with African spiritual practices the result is what onlookers would refer to as a "Jazz Funeral". The New Orleans Parade And Funeral Music sessions come from 1951, and include previously unreleased recordings. Audio remastered for vinyl and pressed locally at New Orleans Record Press.

Howlin' Wolf - Moanin' In The Moonlight [Reissue/1958] LP (Geffen) 

An imposing figure who sang with a fierce growl and rasp, Howlin' Wolf's debut album was fittingly titled Moanin' In The Moonlight. All of Wolf's best qualities came together on the 1959 Chess Records release which collected together singles from 1951-59, including his eerie and powerful first hit "Moanin' At Midnight" and the stupendous "Smokestack Lightnin'". Terry Callier - The New Folk Sound [Reissue/1965] 2xLP (Craft Recordings) Terry Callier conveys the promise and power in The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier. This capturing a young man in his element, his voice and soul, jazz and folk-infused songs timeless. This new version includes five previously unreleased alternate takes.

Marlena Shaw - The Spice Of Life [Reissue/1969] LP (GRP) 

Marlena Shaw's penchant for stylistic variety is certainly evident on this, her sophomore release. Spice Of Life ranges from soul and proto-funk to jazz and MOR-hued material. Across this sound spectrum, Shaw is enveloped in unobtrusive yet exciting pop-soul environs, throwing kalimba runs, psych guitar accents, and bongo-fueled organ riffs into the mix.

Willie Hutch - Foxy Brown [Reissue/1974] LP (Motown) 

Original soundtrack to the 1974 motion picture. Willie Hutch was a singer, songwriter as well as a record producer and recording artist for the Motown record label during the 1970s and 1980s. Foxy Brown is a 1974 American blaxploitation film written and directed by Jack Hill. The Byrds - Fifth Dimension [Reissue/1966] LP (Friday Music) 180gm reissue of the third album by the American folk rock band.

Traveling Wilburys - Volume One [Reissue/1988] LP (Arts & Crafts) 

Limited picture disc vinyl LP pressing.

James Taylor - Hourglass [Reissue/1997] 2xLP (Analog Spark) 

Available for the first time on vinyl. Hourglass (1997) served as quintessential singer-songwriter James Taylor's first album in over half a decade following New Moon Shine (1991), the longest span in his career at the time without releasing new music. 180gm.

Jake Shimabukuro - The Greatest Day LP (JS Productions/Mailboat) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Jake Shimabukuro is well known in Hawaii and Japan due to his early solo career in the early 2000's and his international fame that happened in 2006 when a video of him went viral, playing a rendition of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was posted on YouTube without his knowledge. He returns with a new album, The Greatest Day.

Filter - Short Bus [Reissue/1995] LP (Craft Recordings) 

Long out of print on vinyl, this reissue features vinyl mastering by George Horn and Anne-Marie Suenramat Fantasy Studios and was pressed at Memphis Record Pressing.

Korn - Issues [Reissue/1999] 2xLP (Epic) 

Korn - Untouchables [Reissue/2002] 2xLP (Epic) 

Korn - Take A Look In The Mirror [Reissue/2003] 2xLP (Epic) 

Vinyl reissues of the fourth, fifth, and sixth albums from the nu metal band.

Toe - Our Latest Number 12" (Topshelf) 

Recently released on CD and cassette - now available on vinyl. Toe always captivates. Mostly for their innate ability to meld elements of jazz, punk, post-rock, R&B, and a very specific blend of midwest instrumental math rock a la Ghosts and Vodka or Pele - all while channeling the raw energy of a hardcore show.

Riverside - Wasteland 2xLP+CD (Inside Out U.S.) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Polish rock masters Riverside return with their seventh studio effort, Wasteland, their first new album following the death of founding member and guitarist Piotr Grudzinski in February 2016.

Illuminati Hotties - Kiss Yr Frenemies LP (Tiny Engines) 

Released last May on CD and cassette - now available on vinyl. Despite the pluralized nom de guerre, Illuminati Hotties is the creative outlet of Sarah Tudzin - a producer and engineer hailing from the sprawl of Los Angeles. Lauded as local tenderpunk pioneers, Illuminati Hotties has perfected the blend of sweetness and ferocity, of celebration and despondency on debut album Kiss Yr Frenemies. At first listen, it is a sun-drenched, irreverent volley with the onset of adulthood, but as the listener dives deeper, they will find an earnest consideration of musical phrasing and deliberately crafted wordplay regarding the complexity of love, loss, and skateboarding.

Ice Nine Kills - The Silver Scream LP (Fearless) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. A conceptually driven post-metalcore album with the catchiness and spirit of pop-punk and the fist-pumping anthem power of arena rock, The Silver Scream is 13 songs of horror movie inspired madness.

48 Chairs - 70% Paranoid LP (Cache Cache)
48 Chairs is the unlikely coupling of British free jazz bastion Lol Coxhill and the saucy synth pop don't-wannabes known as Gerry And The Holograms, bridging the micro-niches of electronic jazz and punk jazz from a band formed in 1979 at an axis where DIY and new wave hadn't quite collided, with sprinklings of post-punk female vocals and featuring angular art rock paeans to voodoo dolls and closed-circuit TV. Imagine if Talking Heads became Mark E Smith's backing band for a week before being sacked for wearing a Frank Zappa t-shirt while Eric Dolphy forgot to take his headphones off. 

Liraz - Naz LP (Dead Sea Recordings)
Sidestepping between Iran and Israel, singer and film star Liraz drops her new album, taking cues from Iran's fiery and defiant female musical icons of the 70s like Googoosh and Ramesh. She sings in Farsi, and the Israeli producer Rejoicer provides the bounce of hip-hop and electronica. Playing him the artists which were her reference points, and guiding him through Iran's gamut of traditional instruments, the chemistry between them was immediately obvious: it's made for the hypnotic, heavy-weighted style that gives her tracks a powerful directness. Liraz's music has made her a beacon for a nascent movement around women's rights -- inside Iran and out.

System - Plus 2LP (Morr Music)
This new album from Danish electronic trio System is a collaborative effort with piano magician Nils Frahm: Frahm's purpose-built improvisations on synth, organ and piano served as source material for the members of System, who merge his warm acoustic tones with their minimalist digitalism to translate their distinctive electronics into vivid soundscapes. Ranging from the mellow bliss of the title track to echoes of '90s and 2000s electronica and ambient sequences with mesmerizing movements and sounds, the blending of piano and digital tones and noises into emotive pieces recalls the work of Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto. System maintain some of the minimal and static quality of Frahm's recordings, while new layers of synth sounds, ambient layers, and cinematic moods create a richer, more organic quality than their previous work.

SK U Kno - U Kno LP (No 'Label')
SK U KNO (aka Suzanne Kraft aka Diego Herrera) appears here in a more "out-there" mode. U Kno is a strong LP of immersive ambient abstractions from the talented L.A.-bred/Amsterdam-based musician, originally drafted and prepared for two live performances in Paris and Amsterdam in 2017, where he presented what could be called a snapshot of his studio explorations at the time. Some amendments have been made to be released as a record, but the live sequence has remained intact. To be played loud.

Ayln - Rehtom 12" (Nous)
A 25-minute exploration of the kind of unrelenting machine music for which both artist and German label Nous have come to prominence. Side A is a journey through sparse syncopated rhythms, industrial noise motifs and the kind of buzz and hum that the heroes of the second wave of techno music championed. Side B's delivery is subtly more dulcet, with a more classical techno structure than anything that came before, building intricate melodies into an otherwise taut and tightly woven electronic landscape. 

Robag Wruhme - Wuzzlebud FF 2x12" (Hart & Tief)
Wruhme presents Wuzzelbud FF as the stylistic follow-up to his debut album: "I wanted to put out some straightforward music for the dancefloor, something for the primetime. Well, for the primetime of my sets,at least." Wruhme is wont to evoke a groove out of micro-sampling, only to bulldoze it with a bass-heavy kick and off-beat hi-hat-lashes, while elsewhere field-recorded patterns collide with a simple yet effective bassline, and a buzzing and twanging percussive overload bind to make what's known as a banger, and D'n'B frenzies display a recourse to his mid-1990s rule of denying, almost anarchic approach to production.

Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Red Ants Genesis 2LP (Hospital Productions)
Low Jack and Equiknoxx join Dominick Fernow's Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement on a new double vinyl expansion of the initial cassette release. On the tape's original four tracks, Low Jack transmogrifies Fernow's high volume microphone recordings of synthetic field ecologies with masterful sleight of hand in-the-edits, resulting in a hyperreal detachment and realignment of spatial proprioceptions executed with exquisite textural tactility. No doubt one of the biggest attractions here is the curveball of an Equiknoxx remix of "Red Ants Genesis". Surely one of the first meetings of Jamaican dancehall and dark ambient in existence, it's a spellbinding piece of dub physics that demonstrates the endless, mutable imagination of Gavsborg and Time Cow in haunting and deeply mystic effect.

Reissues & From The Archives

Metallica - ...And Justice For All [Reissue/1988] CD/3xCD/2xLP/5xLP+10"+11xCD+4xDVD/Cassette (Blackened) 

Remastered reissues of the fourth studio album by heavy metal icons - available across a variety of editions. The deluxe triple-CD edition includes two discs of previously unreleased demos, rough mixes & live tracks. The one-pressing-only numbered Super Deluxe box set includes the remastered double 180gm LP and CD versions of the album, One 10" vinyl picture disc, a triple-LP live set, four DVDs of largely previously unreleased footage, and 10 CDs of unreleased demos, rough mixes, interviews and live tracks, many of which have never been available and were pulled from the band's personal collections. Single-disc CD, double-disc vinyl, and cassette editions are also available. Join us for a listening party Friday morning, November 2nd, at 10am!

Hiss Golden Messenger - Bad Debt [Reissue/2010] CD (Merge) 

Hiss Golden Messenger - Poor Moon [Reissue/2011] CD (Merge) 

Hiss Golden Messenger - Haw [Reissue/2011] CD (Merge) 

Hiss Golden Messenger - Devotion: Songs About Rivers And Spirits And Children 4xCD (Merge) 

Remastered reissues of Hiss Golden Messenger's albums Bad Debt, Poor Moon, and Haw. The limited-edition deluxe box set includes Virgo Fool - a rarities compilation that will only be available physically as part of this collection. Both the four-CD and four-LP sets are housed in a cloth-wrapped, foil-stamped slipcase and feature original iconographic artwork by Sam Smith, an exclusive foldout poster, full lyrics, and new liner notes by New Yorker writer Amanda Petrusich and MOJO editor John Mulvey. Vinyl for the Devotion box set has been delayed until 11/16.

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Willoughby's Beach [Reissue/2011] CDEP/12" (ATO) 

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - 12 Bar Bruise [Reissue/2012] CD/LP (ATO) 

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Story Written And Narrated By Broderick Smith - Eyes Like The Sky [Reissue/2013] CD/LP (ATO) 

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Float Along - Fill Your Lungs [Reissue/2013] CD/LP (ATO) 

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Oddments [Reissue/2014] CD/LP (ATO) 

CD and vinyl reissues of the Australian psychedelic rock band's second EP and first four albums.

The Moody Blues - In Seach For The Lost Chord [Reissue/1968] 3xCD+2xDVD/LP (Polydor) 

Digitally remastered 50th Anniversary edition of The Moody Blues third album. The Super Deluxe three CD + two DVD edition contains the original stereo mix, bonus/ unreleased tracks, BBC Radio One sessions. Contains the 1968 mono singles from Deram, previously unreleased on CD. DVD 1 contains a previously unreleased 96 kHz / 24-bit 5.1 Surround, new Stereo mix and remastered original stereo mix. DVD 2 includes three previously unreleased BBC TV performances from 1968. [Single-disc 180gm vinyl reissue also available.]

Yum*Yum - Dan Loves Patti [Reissue/1996] CD (Omnivore) 20th Anniversary reissue of the 1996 psychedelic-pop masterpiece expanded with 10 bonus tracks-6 previously unissued.