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Tommy Womack 'Dust Bunnies' Performance, Reading, and Signing

Tommy Womack has seen it all. As a fixture of the Nashville music scene since back in his days in Government Cheese, he's experienced everything a local musician can go through and he did write that book with 1995's Cheese Chronicles. Dust Bunnies, Womack's first non-fiction work since then is a rollicking, hair-raising, and damned funny, journey through the center of Tommy Womack's battle-scarred mind. Zipping back and forth in time, from childhood to trying to find the gig in Boston to waking up in jail to memories of dad and high school, dust bunnies is about ADD, alcohol, Jesus, rehab, small-town Kentucky, depression, Tourette's, masturbation, rock and roll, life on the road, and life off the road. As Marshall Chapman has put it so sweetly, "I laughed, I cried, I nearly gagged once or twice."