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SAD BAXTER - Saturday, July 21st @ 5PM

"I love Nashville duo Sad Baxter's band bio: 'Heavy pop sludge featuring idiots Deezy and Alex. Let's git sad.' And, like NPR's Ann Powers, I love their new song "Baby." Its closest parallels are Weezer or Best Coast at their most retro-rock classicist, except when Deezy Violet kicks into high gear she brings a guttural fire that's more like Kurt Cobain or Charly Bliss' Eva Hendricks" sez rock blog Stereogum. "Baby" is included on Sad Baxter's new EP So Happy, which the band calls "a collection of sonic contradictions." The duo of Deezy Violet (guitar/vocals) and Alex Mojaverian (drums/vocals) thrive in the space where seemingly at-odds elements converge - sludgy fuzzed-out guitars blended with pop structures, gritty vocals that propel sugary melodies, and some of the most buoyant rock songs this side of the '90s. The EP was recorded over three days with engineer Steven Page on an eight-track reel-to-reel setup, giving it a raw and lean sound. Join us to help Sad Baxter celebrate the release of their new EP with a raucous in-store live performance!

Sad Baxter on bandcamp

ERIKA WENNERSTROM - Monday, July 23rd @ 5PM

There's something somewhat frightening, yet utterly liberating when leaving the confines of a successful band to venture solo. Such is the case with Erika Wennerstrom who is taking a break from her Austin-based rock band, Heartless Bastards, to deliver her solo debut Sweet Unknown. But fans of Heartless Bastards - who have released five critically- acclaimed albums since their 2003 inception, appeared on many late night television shows, and drawn praise from Rolling Stone, Time, New York Times - need not worry. The band has not broken up. "We'd been going for so long and everyone in the band was just ready for a little break. But I had songs in me that needed to come out. I didn't think it was fair to push them to keep going and I didn't want to do it without them under the band name," explains Wennerstrom, who enlisted the help of HB's Jesse Ebaugh to play bass on 8 of the 9 tracks on Sweet Unknown. Fans can also rest assured that what they've grown to love about Wennerstrom's music is still front-and-center. Her trademark vocals that NPR so aptly calls "warm yet gritty, throaty yet sweet, gigantic, yet intimate" are that... times 10. And the bluesy, rock vibes that Relix describes as "smoky, late night [rock] that exists somewhere between Royal Trux and the Rolling Stones" has only gotten smokier and bluesier. Erika Wennerstrom will join us for an intimate, in-store set at Grimey's on Monday, July 23rd, at 5PM.

Erika Wennerstrom website

Reading & Discussion with "Strange Stars" author Jason Heller - Tuesday, July 24th @ 5PM

Science fiction rarely gets credit for its catalyzing effect on the musical revolution of the late sixties and seventies. In Strange Stars, Hugo-award winning author and music journalist Jason Heller recasts sci-fi and pop music as parallel cultural forces that depended on one another to expand the horizons of books, music, and out-of-this-world imagery. In doing so, he presents a whole generation of revered musicians as the sci-fi conjurers they really were. Tracing science fiction's influence on David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Sun Ra, Blue Oyster Cult, Parliament/Funkadelic, Rush, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, X-Ray Spex, Devo, and more, Strange Stars brings to life an era of unparalleled and unearthly creativity—in magazines, novels, films, records, and concerts. Join us at Grimey's at 5PM on Tuesday, July 24th for a reading and discussion with Strange Stars author Jason Heller.

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ROBBY HECHT & CAROLINE SPENCE - Thursday, July 26th @ 6PM

Robby Hecht & Caroline Spence met while performing at the Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in 2013. Since then, these two friends have gotten into the habit of taking time off from their solo projects to write and sing together in their hometown of Nashville and on tour across the country. After their two duet singles, "Two People" and "Parallel Lines" were streamed nearly 8 million times on Spotify, Robby and Caroline figured they were doing something right and decided to write and record a full album. This new album, Two People, is named in honor of the first song they released together, but the title really speaks more to the heart of the collection itself. All of the songs on Two People are about the endlessly beautiful and difficult task of joining your life with another's. In the case of Spence and Hecht, the results are elegant harmonies and effortlessly human songs that cut right to the point.

Robby Hecht & Caroline Spence website

MO LOWDA & The HUMBLE - Monday, July 30th at 5PM

Known for their progressive song writing and energetic live performances, Mo Lowda & The Humble's beginnings were in the beer-soaked basements of Philadelphia. Following the release of their first full length album in 2013, the trio, consisting of Jordan Caiola, Shane Woods, and Nate Matulis began playing venues throughout the city. After experiencing the high of multiple sold out hometown shows, Mo Lowda took their act on the road and began consistently touring the country.  Their 2016 sophomore release, 'Act Accordingly', was a short and sweet embodiment of the band's natural progression; refining their already formidable sound. Following that release, Jeff Lucci stepped in as the new bassist, bringing his unique songwriting and tasteful use of effects pedals into the mix.  On the heels of playing over 100 shows nationwide in 2017, Mo Lowda is set for a full US tour In 2018, in support of their upcoming Full-Length entitled "Creatures".

Mo Lowda & The Humble will stop in Grimey's for a rocking in-store set on Monday, July 30th, at 5PM.

Mo Lowda & The Humble website