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PARQUET COURTS - Monday, June 4th @ 5PM

Everyone's favorite Brooklyn art-rock agitators just dropped their latest masterpiece and they're heading to Nashville for a show at the Basement East on Sunday, June 3rd, followed by an in-store performance at Grimey's the next day! The new album is called 'Wide Awake!' and it's produced by Danger Mouse, the first time Parquet Courts has used an outside producer. The big-name behind the board doesn't alter the group's sound or direction so much as he tightens up the beats and expands the band's musical palette. It all adds up to perhaps their strongest album yet. We couldn't be more stoked to welcome Parquet Courts back to celebrate their new album with a free, all-ages in-store performance! Their first in-store at Grimey's was in January 2013 and it was also their first-ever show in Nashville, followed later that night by a house show performance at the Owl Farm. Back then we were just getting to know Parquet Courts. Now they return as conquering indie rock heroes. Don't miss.

Parquet Courts website

AMERICAN AQUARIUM - Tuesday, June 5th @ 6PM

American Aquarium main man BJ Barham grew up in a small rural town in the lush tobacco fields of North Carolina and he's still singing about the lessons, stories, and lives that define rural America--and him. Recorded at 3CG Records in Tulsa, Oklahoma, American Aquarium's seventh studio album, Things Change was produced by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter John Fulbright and features cameos from Americana standouts including John Moreland and Jamie Lin Wilson. Stacked with BJ's signature storytelling--always deeply personal but also instantly relatable--Things Change questions and curses current events, shares one man's intimate evolution, and leaves listeners with a priceless gift: hope. Join us for an intimate solo set in the record shop by BJ Barham before his full-band show later at the Basement East.

American Aquarium website

LISSIE - Wednesday, June 6th at 5PM

Lissie's fourth album Castles is her most intense, open and raw yet - which seems to be in contrast with the fact it's the most all out pop record she's made thus far. But this is not pop in the mainstream sense. It's more dream-pop and it's far from overproduced - in fact it sounds loosely handled and raw, even when featuring much less guitar than she's used before. For all the structured beats and hooks here, Castles contains emotion as bare you'll hear in any pop album ever. Written predominantly from Lissie's new home in northeast Iowa, Castles represents a spiritual, as well as musical development: it's a portrait of an artist who has always been on the move, and is finally creating a sense of permanency; a chance to catch her breath and reflect. Join us to welcome Lissie to Grimey's for a free, all ages in-store performance on Wednesday, June 6th at 5PM!

Lissie website

ERIN RAE - Friday, June 8th at 6PM 

Erin Rae, whose genre-fusing mix of traditional folk, indie-rock, and 1960s psych-rock production has landed her collaborations with artists like Margo Price and Andrew Combs - not to mention critical attention from the world's top music media, including Rolling Stone, NPR, and the BBC -- is finally stepping out into the spotlight with her new album Putting On Airs. A forthcoming NPR World Café session and a busy tour schedule, including spring support dates with the Mountain Goats and Margo Price, and an appearance at End Of The Road Festival in the UK, shows Erin Rae's star is on the rise on both sides of the Atlantic. "This album is going to bewitch and enlighten the nation."- Ann Powers, NPR. We're very excited Erin Rae has chosen Grimey's to celebrate her new album with a live, in-store performance on the day Putting On Airs is released!

Erin Rae website