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The WILD FEATHERS Live Performance + Meat & Greet - Friday, June 15th @ 5PM

Nashville's own The Wild Feathers are set to release their 3rd studio album and 4th overall (counting 2016's 'Live At The Ryman') with Greetings From The Neon Frontier. The record finds the band embracing their more countrified influences, while retaining the heavy harmonies, gritty guitar playing, and smart, tight songwriting that brought them to prominence. The new album reunites The Wild Feathers with award-winning producer Jay Joyce, who oversaw the group's 2013 self-titled debut and 2016's Lonely Is a Lifetime. "It feels like every mile we've traveled and every show we've played has led up to this album," said singer-guitarist Ricky Young. "It's truly the most honest and reflective collection of songs we've ever created." Members Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Ben Dumas, offered a first taste of Greetings From the Neon Frontier to us with their surprise performance at Grimey's on Record Store Day back in April and we were impressed! Fans can purchase Greetings From The Neon Frontier now at Grimey's for a wristband that guarantees you get in the lot for their outdoor in-store in the parking lot behind Grimey's on Friday, June 15th, at 5PM! You'll also be assured you'll get to meet the band after their set and get your record signed. But that's not all! All who buy the new album at Grimey's will also get to enjoy the smoky delights of The Wild Feathers' barbecue feast! The guys in the The Wild Feathers are also smoked meats aficionados and they're bringing their smoker! So actually this will be a "Meat and Greet" heh, heh.

The Wild Feathers website

LUTHI - Monday, June 18th @ 6PM

LUTHI routinely brings the party.  And with as many as nine members, it’s a big one. “Boogie Circus” is the most colorful description of their sound so far.  “We like the term Cumberland Funk too,” says front man Christian Luthi, with an easy chuckle.  What’s very evident in talking with (what they call) “The LUTHI Crew” is the shared passion for helping others let loose.  And let loose they will. Drawing from influences that include soul and R&B acts from the 1960’s, psychedelic funk and groove from the 70’s, and New Wave rock and roll from the 80’s, LUTHI then turns the ingredients into their own stew of modern dance music, with lyrics and melodies that only continue to open themselves up to listeners with each new spin. LUTHI have already established their bonafides as a compelling live act, packing clubs with every gig. Now it's time to put it all down on wax. LUTHI will celebrate the release of their debut full-length album 'Stranger' with a free, all ages live performance at Grimey's on the day it's released - Monday, June 18th, at 6PM.

LUTHI website

T. HARDY MORRIS - Wednesday, June 20th @ 5PM

Athens, Georgia's T. Hardy Morris (Dead Confederate, Diamond Rugs) is set to release his third solo album. Titled Dude, The Obscure, the album is a work that Morris says, "flowed from a creative space I found at the intersection of dreams and reality." In captivating songs, Morris sheds the traps of ambition and nostalgia and uncovers the strange satisfaction of living in the moment. Even the album title, "Dude, The Obscure," hints at self-discovery. In an homage to English author Thomas Hardy's novel, "Jude, The Obscure," Morris reveals his love for literature, philosophy and poetry - along with a secret about his stage name. "Thomas Hardy is my given name, and Dude, The Obscure is a moniker I considered using as an artist," Morris said. "The hat tip to the novel seemed appropriate for the album because it deals with doubts, joys, regrets and spirituality, a lifelong journey and such." For the sessions, Morris made the familiar pilgrimage to Adam Landry's home studio in Nashville. The longtime collaborators took their time and gave each song the opportunity to grow unaffected by outside influence except the magic that happens when two friends lock themselves in a smoky shed to make music, and a few pals stop by. Within 11 powerful songs, the Athens rocker reveals scars and shares lessons from an indie-rock odyssey that has taken him around the world and back home to find himself a little older and closer to something like enlightenment. We're very excited to welcome T. Hardy Morris back to Grimey's to celebrate the release of his new album with a free, all ages in-store performance. The album is officially out June 22nd so you'll also be able to get your hands on it a couple days early.

T. Hardy Morris website

Unsolved Mysteries OST Vinyl Release Party! - Friday, June 22nd at 10AM

Start your Friday with some spooky tunes at Grimey's! We'll be listening to Gary Malkin's never before released soundtrack for Unsolved Mysteries: Ghosts / Hauntings / The Unexplained on Terror Vision Records! We have a test-pressing of the album that we'll be giving away at our event as well as cool Unsolved Mysteries goodies.

RHYAN SINCLAIR - Friday, June 22nd @ 5PM

Rhyan Sinclair is a Kentucky-based singer-songwriter who previously fronted the band All The Little Pieces. They played an impressive in-store at Grimey's a few years ago and now Rhyan is back with her new solo album 'Barnstormer' and a fresh direction. One of the primary influences on 'Barnstormer' is the 1987 album 'Trio' recorded by Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton. As All The Little Pieces would up their last tour, Sinclair found herself drawn more and more to Country and Americana-leaning material. As the band dissolved, she decided to organize a tribute to the 'Trio' album. As she researched the catalogs of Ronstadt, Harris and Parton and began rehearsing the Trio songs, new songs started pouring out, leading to 'Barnstormer'. The new album is co-produced by Sinclair, with Sean Giovanni and Jason Groves and features performances from Third Man Records artist Lillie Mae and Eliza Mary Doyle of the Dead South. Join us for an intimate in-store performance by Rhyan Sinclair on the day her new album is released - Friday, June 22nd, at 5PM!

Rhyan Sinclair website

WESTERN MEDICATION - Friday, June 28th @ 6PM

Nashville post-punkers Western Medication's sophomore album, Taste, will be released on CD & LP on their own label Death Of 78. They'll be performing on July 13th at The High Watt with Chrome Pony for Independent Venue Week and you can enter to win tickets to that show at Grimey's.

Western Medication on Soundcloud

PONYCHASE - Friday, June 29th @ 6PM

Ponychase released a wonderful record back in 2014 called 'Parade Of Youth'. It stands the test of time as one of the best albums from the Nashville indie world in recent years. The album only came out on CD back then and now it's been remastered for vinyl and pressed in the superior analog format for the first time! Join us to celebrate as Ponychase get the band back together for a Grimey's in-store performance and vinyl release! Jordan Caress will return with her brother Alex (Little Bandit), along with Beth Cameron (Forget Cassettes) and Laura Taylor. Ponychase will also play the Five Spot Saturday night, June 30th, with El Macho.

Ponychase website

Waiting To Derail Book Event w/ author Thomas O'Keefe - Tues, July 3rd @ 6PM

Long before the Grammy nominations, sold-out performances at Carnegie Hall, and Hollywood friends and lovers, Ryan Adams fronted a Raleigh, North Carolina, outfit called Whiskeytown. Lumped into the burgeoning alt-country movement, the band soon landed a major label deal and recorded an instant classic:Strangers Almanac. That's when tour manager Thomas O'Keefe met the young musician. Twenty-plus years later, accounts of Ryan's legendary antics are still passed around in music circles. But only three people on the planet witnessed every Whiskeytown show from the release of Strangers Almanac to the band's eventual breakup: Ryan, fiddle player Caitlin Cary, and Thomas O'Keefe. Packed with behind-the-scenes road stories, and, yes, tales of rock star debauchery,Waiting to Derail provides a firsthand glimpse into Ryan Adams at the most meaningful and mythical stage of his career. Author Thomas O'Keefe will be on hand at Grimey's to read and discuss Waiting to Derail on Tuesday, July 3rd at 6PM.

Waiting To Derail Facebook page