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In-Stores are all free and all ages, always. Come rock with us!

STRIKING MATCHES - Friday, March 27th @ 6PM

Striking Matches is Sarah Zimmerman and Justin Davis. Their debut album "Nothing But The Silence", helmed by star producer T-Bone Burnett, showcases the engaging harmonies, honest lyrics and innovative guitar playing that have made the duo such a compelling live act. The album finds a sweet spot at the intersection of country, pop, rock & blues for a raw & rootsy sound that appeals to diverse audiences. Striking Matches has opened for Nashville stars like Vince Gill and Hunter Hayes but also non-country artists like John Hiatt and Train. They've also contributed no less than 9 songs to the ABC hit series Nashville, including two that are on the album - "When The Right One Comes Along" and "Hanging On A Lie." 

Striking Matches website

GOVERNMENT CHEESE - Saturday, March 28th @ 6PM

Government Cheese slogged a rock and roll path through the American south and midwest during the '80s and early '90s, with a little bit of MTV exposure and college radio love, and a whole lot of riding in a van. They garnered a devoted following that still exists today. For those of you that are unfamiliar, Government Cheese was one of Bowling Green's most popular bands of all time, conducting their reign of terror over a seven year period from 1985 to 1995, usually holding court at Picasso's or Michael's Pub and usually in front of a full-house of frothing, thrashing fans. They became a solid draw throughout the southeast and had several brushes with the big time, as hilariously documented in Tommy Womack's wonderful book, "The Cheese Chronicles". The 'Cheese have reunited several times over the years but now they've reformed and they've just completed their first new album in 22 years! Government Cheese is and always will be Tommy Womack, Skot Willis, Billy Mack Hill and Joe Elvis King. Their new album is called The Late Show and it will be on sale at the in-store!

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AHI at Grimey's Too - Friday, April 3rd @ 6PM

Canadian songwriter, singer and artist AHI blends the raw passion of traditional soul with the edge indie music allows for a sound you could call Indie Soul. His voice has been described as "gravel on silk" and he's taken his passion and his guitar from his Toronto-based beginnings to travel the vastness of Canada, the tropical hillsides of Trinidad and the highlands of Ethiopia, forging timeless music as a powerful expression of honesty that speaks to the heart. He's finally making his way to Nashville, in town for Tin Pan South. Inspired by Bob Marley, MJ, Sam Cooke, 2pac and many others, AHI has gotten quite a bit of attention in his native Canada. His "Indie Soul" EP was a top seller in Toronto last year, but he's new to the States and Nashville. Join us in welcoming AHI for our first spring outdoor in-store, on the deck at Grimey's Too, for an intimate and soulful set. 

AHI website

GILL LANDRY - Saturday, April 4th @ 5PM

Although you might know him mostly from playing guitar, banjo, pedal steal, and helping out on the songwriting with Old Crow Medicine Show, Gill Landry is his own man. Rock critic Jeff Tamarkin  puts it like this - "Landry's too sharp a storyteller, too tuned-in a craftsman, too real, to find himself on the wrong side of suspicion. Like Tom Waits, John Prine, Steve Earle... Landry is down-to-business believable. His songs carry their own persona, and though they may be creepy and otherworldly at times and nasty and grubby at others, they're familiar while remaining at arm's length." Landry's just released his third solo album (and first for ATO), appropriately titled "Gill Landry." Gill produced and recorded the album, "mostly from a ramshackle, shanty-ass apartment on the south side of Nashville," but was aided by a constellation of talents gathered on his travels. From Laura Marling, who duets on "Take This Body", an urgent plea that images the desperate love that courses through our impermanence, to trumpeter Nick Etwell of Mumford and Sons, who plays with tasteful power on a handful of songs. From Odessa, who lends harmonies and violin to a number of tunes, including the waltz-time love letter "Emily", to Robert Ellis who's eloquent and understated guitar work on "Fenario" and "Bad Love" is mellifluous. We are very excited to welcome Gill Landry to Grimey's to celebrate his new album with an in-store performance.

Gill Landry website

JESSIE BAYLIN - Tuesday, April 7th @ 6PM

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Jessie Baylin will release her latest album, Dark Place, on April 7th. The 11-song album was recorded with producer Richard Swift (Tennis, Foxygen) in his Oregon studio over the course of nine days, continuing the fruitful musical partnership that began when the two met over the recording of Baylin's last full-length, 2012's Little Spark. "With him there was instant trust and chemistry," Baylin said in a recent press statement of her first meeting with Swift. "He was the first person who I felt saw me as an artist and he wasn't expecting anything except for me to be myself." Jessie will perform at Grimey's on the day her new album is released!

Jessie Baylin website

WILL HOGE - Wednesday, April 8th @ 6PM

Since launching his career in the late '90s, Nashville singer-songwriter Will Hoge has been grinding it out, putting in his 10,000 hours and then some, and steadily building a strong and loyal fanbase. He's toured through the dead of winter in an RV with no heat; released albums that, while critically acclaimed, didn't result in the kind of commercial success many predicted; and even stared down an early death, surviving a wicked traffic accident in 2008, an experience that framed his poignant 2009 album The Wreckage. He's been through a lot, seen a lot and gained insight and wisdom from it all. His new album (his 10th!), Small Town Dreams, is out April 7th. "I think it is the most representative of not only who I am as an artist but where I'm from," Hoge said in a press release. "I think every song from the record is deeply inspired by growing up in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee, and watching this area grow and change and become something that it wasn't 25 years ago." I think we know where he's coming from. Join us the day after Will's new album is released to welcome him back to Grimey's for an in-store performance.

Will Hoge website

RECORD STORE DAY at Grimey's - Saturday, April 18th 10AM-8PM

We'll have all the releases on the official list and some that aren't. Live performances throughout the afternoon from Halestorm, Self, Turbo Fruits, Those Darlins, Kitty Daisy & Lewis, The Lees of Memory and at least 2 more! Food trucks, craft beers, local community partners and more. Join us for Record Store Day, won't you?

Record Store Day website