Hitting the Racks

Here's your weekly rundown of the new releases hitting the racks at Grimey's: Friday, April 21st, 2017

New Releases

Ray Davies - Americana CD/2xLP+MP3 (Legacy/Sony) 

Ray Davies returns with his first solo album since 2008's Working Man's Cafe. Americana is based around Davies' recent memoir, Americana: The Kinks, The Riff, The Road: The Story, and includes spoken-word portions from the book. Fittingly, the singer recruited an American band, the Jayhawks, to support him on the album, which was recorded in London at Konk. Guy Massey and John Jackson helped Davies with production. The album's first single, 'Poetry,' is a crunchy power-pop tune, full of jangly guitar leads and pretty backing vocals, concerned with the material obsessions of the modern world. 'I kneel down and say grace for the comforts the world bestows on me/ And the great corporations providing our every need,' Davies sings. But at least one of his needs remains unsatisfied. 'Where is the poetry?' he wonders." - Rolling Stone

Robyn Hitchcock - Robyn Hitchcock CD/LP (Yep Roc) 

Robyn Hitchcock is the follow up to 2014's critically acclaimed The Man Upstairs. The new record was recorded in Nashville, Robyn's new home base in the US, and was produced by Robyn and Brendan Benson (The Raconteurs). This is the first-time Robyn has made a full band album in the studio since 2008 and the record features a lot of key players, including Gillian Welch, Emma Swift, Pat Sansone (Wilco, The Autumn Defense), and Grant-Lee Phillips. The psych-rock influence is a callback to his days with The Soft Boys and his early solo albums.

The Black Angels - Death Song CD/LP+MP3 (Partisan) 

Death Song is the Austin psych-rock band's first full-length release in four years. Written and recorded in large part during the recent election cycle, the music here serves as part protest, part emotional catharsis in a climate dominated by division, anxiety and unease. "Currency," a strong contender for the heaviest song the band has ever put to wax, meditates on the governing role the monetary system plays in our lives, while slow-building psychedelic earworm "Half Believing" questions the nature and confusing realities of devotion. Recorded between Seattle and Austin, Death Song features production from Phil Ek (Father John Misty, Fleet Foxes, The Shins). The 11-track collection offers a sharply honed elaboration on their signature sound -- menacing fuzz guitar and cutting wordplay, steeped in a murky hallucinatory dream.

Sheryl Crow - Be Myself CD (WB) 

Sheryl Crow showed she had soul on her 2010 R&B album 100 Miles From Memphis. Next, she dove into mainstream country territory with 2013's Feels Like Home. So what's the Nashville resident's next move? She wants to Be Myself. For Myself, Crow re-teamed with songwriting partner Jeff Trott, who worked with her on many early hits including 'If It Makes You Happy' and 'A Change Would Do You Good' from 1996's Sheryl Crow. The new album's slinky rock grooves and sharp pop hooks will likely remind you of that era of her career. In a release, Crow says she 'made it a point to sit down and really listen to my old records' for the first time in her life. 'But it wasn't about repeating myself,' she adds. 'It was about revisiting where I came from and seeing where that would take me now.' Speaking to The Tennessean last year about the first single, 'Halfway There,' Crow called it a song 'about all our differences.' 'You may drive a Hummer, and I might drive a Volt, but don't we all want the same things? We want to live in a place that's peaceful and be surrounded by a loving atmosphere. Strangely, I wrote it well before the election. But it turns out that it really does speak to what's going on. (It's) about trying to bring us all back together.'" - The Tennessean

Angaleena Presley - Wrangled CD/LP (Mining Light) 

Angaleena Presley follows her 2015 debut, American Middle Class, with this no-holds-barred 12-track collection. Guests co-writers and performers include Guy Clark, Chris and Morgane Stapleton, Wanda Jackson, Miranda Lambert and Ashley Monroe (Pistol Annie). 

Charly Bliss - Guppy CD/LP (Barsuk) 

If it's true that listening to just the right record at just the right moment can psychically transport you to some other time and place, then Charly Bliss -- an NYC band responsible for having crafted some of the finest guitar-crunched power pop this side of an old Weezer record with a blue cover -- can pretty much turn any space into an adult-friendly version of your old teenage bedroom -- a candy-scented safe space for extreme fits of happiness and angsty teen-level explosions of romantic ennui. The ten tracks that make up Guppy, Charly Bliss' sparkling full-length debut, show the band embracing all of their strengths - a combination of ripping guitars and irrepressible pop hooks, all delivered with the hyper-enthusiasm of a middle school cafeteria food fight. That every track is loaded front-to-back with sing/shout-worthy lyrics and ear worm melodies is a testament to the band's commitment to the art form of pop songwriting. Don't miss Charly Bliss when they play a free, live set at Grimey's next Saturday, April 29th, at 5PM!

Coin - How Will You Know If You Never Try CD/2xLP (Columbia) 

Sophomore album from the Nashville based indie rock quartet. How Will You Know If You Never Try is produced by Tim Pagnotta (Walk The Moon, St. Lucia) and Andrew Maury (The Kooks, Lewis Del Mar). The album features Coin's catchy single "I Don't Wanna Dance," the alternative radio hit "Talk Too Much," stripped-down ballad "Malibu 1992" and their newly released single "Feeling."

Matthew Logan Vasquez - Does What He Wants CD/LP (Dine Alone) 

Matthew Logan Vasquez (Delta Spirit, Middle Brother) is feeling optimistic. That's not necessarily apparent the first time you spin his new full-length solo album. Each track on Does What He Wants feels urgent and intense. Impatient landlords, financial woes and other frustrations fan the agitation embedded in the opening track, "Same." Isolation darkens the brooding images of "From Behind The Glass." Death takes a bow on "The Fighter." Vasquez can't help but juxtapose the celebration of "Fatherhood" with a lament that "we ain't got the money to pay the hospital." Elsewhere, Does What He Wants is like a hall of mirrors, each capturing a different image of one self-aware and restlessly creative individual. The pure finger-picked acoustic guitar that sets up vivid stories on "The Informant" and "Tall Man," the retro textures of "Headed West," the lofting melody that evokes Roy Orbison, the waterfall of harmonies in "The Fighter" - this music is diverse yet unified, a priority for its author. And, in the end, it turns out to feel pretty optimistic after all - a perfect statement for these times.

Actress - AZD CD (Ninja Tune) 

Darren Cunningham aka Actress returns with a new album and a new alter-ego AZD (pronounced Azeed), a chrome-plated journey into a parallel world. AZD is themed around chrome both as a reflective surface to see the self in, and as something only surface-deep, the perfect metaphor for the bleakness of life in London. Another way to approach would be through the art of James Hampton and the Ramm:Ell:Zee (who is sampled on CYN) both of whom, though of different generations of the African-American slave diaspora, created art through scavenging stuff from nothing and turning it into absolute majesty. There is also the career-long influence of the Detroit techno pioneers, something which comes over clearer on this album: in the past rhythms have always been blurred out, now they have more glow. [Limited clear vinyl pressing also available.]

Preservation Hall Jazz Band - So It Is CD/LP+MP3 (Legacy/Sony) 

So It Is finds the classic PHJB sound invigorated by a number of fresh influences, not least among them the band's 2015 life-changing trip to Cuba. "In Cuba, all of a sudden we were face to face with our musical counterparts," says bandleader/composer/bassist Ben Jaffe. "There's been a connection between Cuba and New Orleans since day one - we're family. A gigantic light bulb went off and we realized that New Orleans music is not just a thing by itself; it's part of something much bigger. It was almost like having a religious epiphany." Producer David Sitek, a founder of art rock innovators TV On The Radio, offered both a keen modern perspective and a profound respect for the band's storied history. The music on So It Is, penned largely by Jaffe and 84-year-old saxophonist Charlie Gabriel, stirs together that variety of influences like classic New Orleans cuisine. Longtime members Jaffe, Gabriel, Clint Maedgen and Ronell Johnson were joined by Walter Harris, Branden Lewis and Kyle Roussel, and the new blood hastened the journey into new musical territory.

Imelda May - Life. Love. Flesh. Blood. CD/LP (Verve) 

Imelda May has found a new groove, exploring blues, soul, gospel, folk, rock, acoustic, cinematic drama and explosive balladry. She is setting a new course with a collection of the boldest, most personal and intimately autobiographical songs she has ever written. May has long been admired by her peers in the music community, including Bono, who says of May, "I love the girl she used to be but I think I love even more the woman she s become. Still mischievous and playful, still a siren, but there's an ache in her voice now that has me with a glass at my ear to the wall of her world where trouble has entered the room. There's an erotic power here that's not just feminine power. She makes truth telling an invitation to intimacy."

Boss Hog - Brood X CD/LP (In The Red) 

Recently released on vinyl - now available on CD. Boss Hog returns from the wild with their most subversive record - this is the seductive soundtrack for the second coming of militant rock 'n' roll, and the groove has never been stronger. Brood X - emerging from the dirty streets of New York City after seventeen years of gestation - is a futuristic brew of 21st century blues, toxic punk rock beat music, and hyper-focused, outer-space psycho assaults. Thermonuclear chanteuse Cristina Martinez blisters the hypocrites, the haters, the heartless, and the clueless hangers-on with a full-tilt microphone attack. A sex-bomb salvo for troubled times, Martinez gives voice to America's pain while pulling no punches.

Maxïmo Park - Risk To Exist CD/LP (Cooking Vinyl) 

Maxïmo Park's sixth album is a collection of irresistible pop songs about anger, hope, resistance and, above all, empathy - a knockout fusion of music and message from a band on extraordinary form. 

BoDeans - Thirteen CD (Free & Alive) 

"Kurt Neumann and Sam Llanas met in 1980 and the BoDeans were born in 1983. Their debut album, Love & Hope & Sex & Lies brought them commercial success and established them as a cutting-edge band. Llanas left in 2011 but Neumann continues to front on their 13th album, appropriately titled Thirteen. The BoDeans have always fused roots rock and alternative rock into their music. Thirteen tends to be more in the roots category as Neumann has created a series of thoughtful and melodic songs. He and the band recently became involved with the Netflix series The Ranch, and the style of the album keys off the laid-back nature of the series. 'My Hometown' and several other tracks appeared on the show and form the foundation of the album. Songs such as 'Maggie's Bar,' 'Headed Back In Time,' 'Nowhere Fast,' and 'Way Back In Time' have a wistful appeal as they tell stories of the American heartland. Thirteen proves that the band is alive and well during the fourth decade of their existence." - Cashbox Music

Texas - Jump On Board CD/LP (The End) 

Over 30 years since they formed, and 20 since their White On Blonde 'Say What You Want' heyday, Texas are back to prove they still matter on this self-produced set. First single 'Let's Work It Out' nods to the band's Caledonian pop-soul roots - think Chic via Orange Juice, or Altered Images, who were doing this sort of glossy, Glaswegian funk-lite thing back on 1983's Bite, before Johnny McElhone left that band to form Texas with Sharleen Spiteri. Elsewhere, Spiteri gets to live out her female icon fantasies, echoing Debbie Harry's sublime blankness on 'Tell That Girl' and 'Great Romances,' Lana Del Rey's noir fatale on 'Sending A Message,' Chrissie Hynde's gum-chewing insouciance on 'Won't Let You Down' and Stevie Nicks' witchy woman on the danced-up 'Round The World.'" - Team Rock

Cait Brennan - Third CD (Omnivore) 

"Third is unabashedly a rock album. All 13 tracks are solid, true roots, none of this damn frumpery, rock and roll. The sort that Tom Cruise dances to in his underwear, but better. Which is refreshing. Where Namoli Brennet is more folky and has a more subtle craft; or where Laura Jane and Against Me are harsh edged and shade towards the punk end; Cait is straight down the middle rock of the sort that we rarely hear except in oldies moments. With songs like 'At The End Of The World,' she demonstrates a strong skill set with the needed power ballad. On 'A Hard Man To Love' she gets pop influenced alt-rockish, with some hints of fave alternative babes. 'Catiebots Don't Cry' pulls out the blues and has shades of prime Chrissy Hynde in it, a great syncopation and brushed beat lifting her vocals into a rare spot that says this is gonna be on someone's repeat list for the guitar alone. The stripped-down opening to 'LA/Amsterdam,' 'did I leave a note? I must apologize...' drops into a great set piece that is gives a Stones vibe filtered through a Non-Blondes filter while having that roughness that most music today tries to shy from. Rather than drown anything out, this lifts everything, and gives you a right there in concert feel without the parts that the older among us miss and the younger among us will never truly know." - Dyssonance

The Suitcase Junket - Pile Driver CD/LP (Signature Sounds) 

The Suitcase Junket is Matt Lorenz: artist, tinkerer, swamp Yankee, one-man band. His is the road-worn voice rising over the grind of a tube-amped dumpster guitar, and the wild double pitches of throat singing. From The Suitcase Junket's penchant for thrift and ingenuity comes the full-length album of original rock anthems, mountain ballads, blues manifestos and dance-hall festivity, played on instruments built of broken bottles, twisted forks, dried bones, gas cans, shoes, saw blades, a toy keyboard, and an overhead compartments worth of luggage.

Overcoats - Young CD/LP (Arts & Crafts) 

Overcoats is the New York-based female duo of Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell. Their debut album Young captures a sound rich in minimalism and melody: songs of connection and tension, on the depths of love and challenges of family. Overcoats' music draws strength from vulnerability, finding light through darkness, and the catharsis of simple, honest songwriting.

Brad Paisley - Love And War CD (Arista) 

The eleventh studio album from the country music superstar. Includes collaborations with Mick Jagger, John Fogerty, Timbaland and Bill Anderson.

Charlie Worsham - Beginning Of Things CD/LP (Warner Music Nashville) 

American Songwriter calls Worsham, "the sort of triple threat artist that seems in short supply on Music Row these days. He writes well, sings well, and is a skilled and tasteful guitarist to boot," while Rolling Stone asserts, "A fleet-fingered guitarist and empathetic vocalist, his talent is reminiscent of a young Keith Urban in all the best ways."

Jason Eady - Jason Eady CD/LP (Old Guitar) 

On his last two albums, Jason Eady earned major acclaim for his ahead-of-the-curve take on classic country, a bold departure from his earlier excursions into blues-infested Americana. Now with his sixth album, the Mississippi-bred singer/guitarist merges his distinct sensibilities into a stripped-down, roots-oriented sound that starkly showcases the gritty elegance of his songwriting.

Jared Mees - Life Is Long CD/LP (Tender Loving Empire) 

Jared Mees' fourth album employs many of the poet's traditional tools: metaphor and simile, alliteration and euphony, rhyme and aphorism, variation in voice and point of view.

Arto Lindsay - Cuidado Madame CD (Northern Spy) 

"There is no mistaking that this is Arto Lindsay. His easygoing, Michael Franks vocal expression, Brazilian percussion, tactfully deployed synths and avant-garde twists headlined by that spiky, atonal guitar of his...it's a formula that's been his signature since his time in the Ambitious Lovers, an '80s duo he formed with keyboardist Peter Scherer. And if there was no more to Cuidado Madame than that, this would still qualify as a fine album." - Something Else! [Vinyl edition due May 19.] 

Joe Goddard - Electric Lines CD/2xLP+MP3 (Domino) 

Electric Lines, new album from producer Joe Goddard, is all about connections. It's an apt title for a record which brilliantly unites the broad-ranging strands of a unique career. Whether it be as a member of Hot Chip, one half of The 2 Bears, songwriter, producer, DJ, remixer or co-founder of the Greco-Roman label, Goddard's influence has been keenly felt in clubs and headphones all over the world for over a decade. Electric Lines is the culmination of all this and more, and confirms Joe Goddard's place in the front rank of British producers. The album was named after the cables that connect to the modules in Goddard's Eurorack synthesizer, as well as the invisible wires that run between all the different kinds of electronic music he loves. "The best moments on Electric Lines are Goddard's squiggly, skronky takes on house that approach both the acidic ('Lasers') and the dubby (epic centerpiece 'Children Of The Sun')." -- Treble

Daye Jack - No Data CD (WB) 

Sophomore studio album from Nigerian-born Atlanta-raised rapper. Includes collaborations with Donmonique, DP, and Denzel Curry.

Barry Manilow - This Is My Town: Songs Of New York CD (Verve) 

Manilow's latest studio album is a musical montage filled with different styles of music: pop, easy jazz, Broadway, early rock 'n' roll, and a little R&B and funk. 

Regina Carter - Ella: Accentuate The Positive CD (Sony Masterworks) 

Regina Carter draws from a diverse well of influences that include classical, jazz, Motown swing, funk, and world music among others. Over a span of more than two decades, she has established herself as an enduring and creative force in jazz, thanks to a string of highly acclaimed solo and collaborative recordings. On her new album, Ella: Accentuate The Positive, the virtuoso violinist reveals the many aspects of Fitzgerald that have influenced her own remarkable path in music.

Chick Corea - The Musician 3xCD/3xCD+Blu-ray (Concord) 

Live at the Blue Note Jazz Club, New York, NY October-November 2011.

Cult Of Luna - Live At La Gaite Lyrique: Paris CD/3xLP (Indie Recordings) 

Swedish six-piece Cult Of Luna are well known for their mesmerizing live shows and said to be one of the best live bands in the metal ranks. [Limited orange and yellow color vinyl pressing also available.]

Ghost Bath - Starmourner CD/2xLP (Nuclear Blast) 

Ghost Bath plays atmospheric black metal focused on depression and human emotion. [Limited blue and purple color vinyl pressings also available]

Harlott - Extinction CD/LP (Metal Blade) 

Forged in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, Harlott is the finest example of the thrash metal genre in recent years. Taking their influence from the '80s bay area thrash scene, and blending it with the Teutonic melody and grit, they focus on high energy, up tempo music with lyrical influence from war, religion, chaos, and the human condition.

Incubus - 8 CD (Island) 

Incubus's first album in six years, 8 was co-produced by Dave Sardy (Slayer, Helmet, Trouble) and Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex. [Vinyl edition due May 26.]

Valve Studio Orchestra - Fight Songs: The Music Of Team Fortress 2 CD/2xLP+MP3 (Ipecac) 

Team Fortress 2 is a team-based first person shooter multiplayer video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. It is the sequel to the 1996 mod Team Fortress for Quake and its 1999 remake. It was released as part of the videogame compilation The Orange Box in 2007. Fight Songs: The Music Of Team Fortress 2 is the game's soundtrack, composed by Valve sound director Mike Morasky and performed by the Valve Studio Orchestra. [Limited color vinyl pressing featuring card game code download and an exclusive poster available for special order]


Andrew Combs - Canyons Of My Mind LP (New West) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Dallas native Andrew Combs, for years regarded as one of the more promising young singers and songwriters in Music City, has inked a deal with New West Records. Combs' maiden album for the label, Canyons Of My Mind, is an 11-song set that was produced by Skylar Wilson and Jordan Lehning and recorded at Battle Tapes Studio in East Nashville. "Canyons Of My Mind is a collection of songs, all put together, that embodies the idea of a young man growing older. The album consists of the customary songs about lost love and travel, but also hits on more mature issues, such as environmental awareness, spirituality, mental illness, and political exploitation. Taking on a more introspective and controlling role in the writing and recording process, I dug deep inside my own heart and mind to create what I think is a good illustration of a man becoming more comfortable in his own skin" -- Andrew Combs.

Jessi Colter - The Psalms LP (Sony Legacy) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. The striking new album by Jessi Colter features 12 original, spontaneous recordings, with lyrics drawn from the most timeless and sacred poems, the Psalms. Recorded with world-renowned producer/guitarist/author, Lenny Kaye with whom Jessi became dear friends while he worked on her late husband Waylon Jennings autobiography, The Psalms encapsulates the universal yet simple joyous mysteries of this spiritual text resulting in an altogether unique and transfixing album.

Yo Yo Ma/Chris Thile/Edgar Meyer - Bach Trios LP (Nonesuch) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. An album of Bach works recorded by cellist Yo-Yo Ma, mandolinist Chris Thile, and bassist Edgar Meyer.

David Bowie - No Plan 12"+MP3 (Sony) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. The No Plan EP features single "Lazarus" from Blackstar backed with three final, non-album tracks recorded during the Blackstar sessions. Limited color and laser etched vinyl pressings available.

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross/Gustavo Santaolalla/Mogwai - Before The Flood [OST] 3xLP (Lakeshore) 

Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Mogwai, and Argentine film composer Gustavo Santaolalla teamed up to compose the score for Leonardo DiCaprio's climate change film. The soundtrack includes the previously shared Reznor and Ross collaboration "A Minute To Breathe."

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - She's The One: Songs And Music From The Motion Picture [Reissue/1996] LP (WB) 

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Echo [Reissue/1999] 2xLP (WB) 

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - The Last DJ [Reissue/2002] 2xLP (WB) 

Tom Petty - Highway Companion [Reissue/2006] 2xLP (WB) 

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Mojo [Reissue/2010] 2xLP (WB) 

Back in print on vinyl.

The Zombies - Greatest Hits LP (Varese Sarabande) 

Completely remastered, this all-new vinyl collection features some of the greatest songs The Zombies ever recorded, including "She's Not There," "Tell Her No," "Leave Me Be," "I Love You," and "Time Of The Season." Most of the tracks are the original mono US and UK single versions.

Cream - Fresh Cream [Reissue/1966] 6xLP (Polydor) 

Six-LP set featuring mono and stereo mixes, outtakes and alternate mixes.

REO Speedwagon - You Get What You Play For [Reissue/1977] 2xLP (Friday Music) 

Limited edition 180gm blue color vinyl LP pressing.

Diana Ross - Diana: The Original Chic Mix 2xLP (Motown) 

Among the rarest of Motown's rare grooves and making its vinyl debut: the original mix of Ross's smash 1980 album that featured "Upside Down" and "I'm Coming Out." Chic's Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers produced the album and delivered this mix only to see it rejected and remixed by Motown's in-house team. Pink vinyl pressing. 

Maggie Rogers - Now That The Light Is Fading 12" (Capitol) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Maggie Rogers grew up playing banjo on a working farm in rural Maryland and first came to the public's attention when she appeared in a video posted on YouTube of producer Pharrell Williams teaching a Masterclass at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU's Tisch School Of The Arts, where Rogers was a student. In the clip, Rogers plays an unfinished recording of "Alaska" and the song earned slew of media attention. SPIN declared the song "blends folk, electronic, and pop music sensibilities to form an entirely new hybridized sound," while Paste calls it "hauntingly beautiful."

Harriet Brown - Contact LP (Innovative Leisure) 

It's no secret that this multi-instrumentalist and producer is influenced sonically and ethically by The Artist himself. And If Prince is his king, Sade is his queen as they reside over an ever-expanding court of every genre that falls in between.

Drugdealer - The End Of Comedy CD/LP+MP3 (Weird World) 

Debut album by the new project conceived and conducted by Los Angeles artist Michael Collins (formerly of Run DMT, Salvia Plath) who guides a group of fellow Angelenos through a whimsical world informed by Jean Baudrillard, social media perception, Sergio Leone's spaghetti western vistas and Collins' endless travels. Throughout The End Of Comedy, Collins eschews the spotlight in favor of letting the ensemble shine. Includes guest vocals from Ariel Pink, Danny James and Natalie Mering of Weyes Blood.

El Niño & The Southern Oscillations - El Niño & The Southern Oscillations 10" (Innovative Leisure) 

Brooklyn musician and Red Bull Music Academy alum Sam Posner created El Niño & The Southern Oscillations as a meditation on the beauty and power of the ocean. The tracks flow through timeless electronica influenced by Selected Ambient era Aphex Twin and early Larry Heard as well as contemporary artists like Carribou and Jamie xx.

Daniel Brandt - Eternal Something LP (Erased Tapes) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Daniel Brandt, co-founder of Germany's electroacoustic ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick, joins the Erased Tapes family with his solo debut album. What started off as a more simplistic idea soon evolved into something a lot more complex as the London and Berlin based music producer traveled across the world, experimenting with various other artists and different instruments. From his father's cabin based in the German countryside with access to nothing but cymbals, to being surrounded by guitars in Joshua Tree, his unexpected journey soon progressed into what became his first solo album. Daniel played nearly all instruments himself with the only exception being fellow musicians Florian Juncker on trombone, Manu Delago on hang drum, and Andreas Voss on cello.

Luc Ferrari - Tinguely 1967 LP (Sub Rosa) 

Unreleased material by Luc Ferrari, issued here as part of Sub Rosa's Early Electronic series. Not only does the collection reveal a little-known chunk of Ferrari's oeuvre as a composer for the screen, it also sheds light on the ties between cinema and musique concrète, especially during the fruitful period that stretched from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Horoscope - Misogyny Stone LP (Wharf Cat) 

"Horoscope's new album Misogyny Stone is a murky listen; a brew of grey noise, clattering rhythms and samples and tape loops galore. Through all of this, Rene Nuñez Cabrera, the human behind Horoscope, makes an investigative assault on gender relations, with vivid results." - Norman UK

Neal Morse - Testimony [2003] 2xLP (Metal Blade) 

Neal Morse's career path is full of unexpected twists and turns, sudden changes and pleasant surprises - much like the epic progressive rock compositions for which he has become known. In the mid '90s he formed the quirky Spock's Beard and the prog supergroup Transatlantic with drumming legend Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater), Marillion's Pete Trewavas and The Flower Kings' Roine Stolt in 2000. 2003 found Morse two albums into an equally as impressive solo career and delivering Testimony.

Isis - Live VII 2xLP (Ipecac) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. A full live set from Isis' final Australian tour in 2010. The 9-track set features material from their fifth and last album Wavering Radiant, as well as select highlights from the band's additional four full-lengths. Although rooted heavy metal and the punk/hardcore aesthetic, Isis' music relies just as heavily on ambience, atmosphere, and tone as it does complexity and aggression. Death Angel - Fall From Grace [Reissue/1990] 2xLP (Metal Blade) Limited edition white color vinyl reissue of the thrash metal band's third album.

Soundtrack - Saturday Night Fever [Reissue/1977] 2xLP (UMe) 

Limited double 180gm vinyl pressing. 

Soundtrack - Fifty Shades Darker 2xLP (Republic) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Soundtrack to the second installment in the Fifty Shades trilogy, featuring tracks by Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj, Halsey, Tove Lo, John Legend, The-Dream, Sia, and Kygo, and more.

From The Live Side

Big Star - Thank You Friends: Big Star's Third Live ...And More 2xCD/2xCD+DVD/2xBlu-ray (Concord) 

Experience Big Star's Third album through the prism of a collective of immensely talented musicians. While the band may not be Big Star per se, the fabled group's sole surviving original member, Jody Stephens, heads an amazing cast, whose membership includes latter-day Big Star alumni Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer of the Posies, R.E.M.'s Mike Mills, Let's Active's Mitch Easter, Chris Stamey of the dB's, and others. Jeff Tweedy and Pat Sansone of Wilco, Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo, Robyn Hitchcock, Dan Wilson of Semisonic, Benmont Tench from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Jessica Pratt, Brett Harris, Django Haskins, and Skylar Gudasz are among the guests who were joined by a full chamber orchestra helmed by the Kronos Quartet, performing scores created directly from the original multi-track tapes from Ardent Studios for this event. Carl Marsh, who wrote the original orchestrations, conducted.

Marillion - Marbles In The Park 2xCD/3xLP (earMUSIC) 

Since 2002 and in a two-year cycle, Marillion welcome their dedicated fans to a very special weekend: the Marillion weekend. On three nights, Marillion perform three different shows with different set lists consisting of full records played from start to finish, fan favorites and rarities. Recently, Marillion performed one of their best and most successful albums, Marbles. With their imposing live show containing stunning projections and laser effects, Marillion once again proved to be one of the leading audio-visual musicians of the present time. [Stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray editions also available.]

Reissues & From The Vaults

Frank Zappa - Roxy By Proxy [2014] CD (Zappa Records) 

Roxy By Proxy contains material recorded live at the infamous run of shows at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood CA, December 1973. It's the first compilation made from digital mixes created in 1987 by Frank with Bob Stone at FZ's home studio, The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen. The sequencing plays like a full show while the package features extensive liner notes from the one and only Ruth Underwood, then the percussionist in the band.

Tobin Sprout - Carnival Boy [1996] CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Burger) 

Tobin Sprout - Moonflower Plastic (Welcome To My Wigwam) [1996] CD/LP+MP3/Cassette (Burger) 

The Guided By Voices guitarist and songwriter's mid-'90s Matador back catalogue is repressed courtesy of Burger.

Marc Jonson - Years [Reissue/1972] CD (Real Gone Music) 

The Vanguard Records label is known for some obscure gems, but Marc Jonson's 1972 debut album Years, is one of the rarer. This lost psych folk/baroque pop masterpiece marked quite a departure for a label known for its traditional folk, blues, and roots music. Comparisons have been made to Tim Buckley's Goodbye & Hello, Phil Ochs' Pleasures Of The Harbor, Bill Fay's first album as well as other obscure Popsike legends such as Bobb Trimble, John Pantry, and David Stoughton.

Compilations, Best Of's & Sundry Collections

Various Artists - Honeybeat: Groovy 60s Girl Pop CD/LP (Real Gone Music) 

19 fantastic girl pop rarities from the vaults of Columbia, Date, RCA Victor, Epic, Bell, OKeh, Sound Stage 7, Groove, and Amy. [Limited edition re-sequenced 14-track 180gm violet color vinyl pressing also available.]

Bee Gees - Timeless: The All-Time Greatest Hits CD (Capitol) 

New 21-track best-of. "There is a spirituality about this album and these songs always meant the most to us. So, it is extraordinary that it came together in such a natural way. I chose the songs with the intention of having a chronological order to the whole album, and although there are many other songs, these songs I feel are the songs that Maurice, Robin, and I would be most proud of. These songs represent the path of our lives, moments in time. Moments that will never be forgotten." -- Barry Gibb