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Here's your weekly rundown of the new releases hitting the racks at Grimey's: Friday, August 10th, 2018

New Releases

Liz Cooper and The Stampede - Window Flowers CD/2xLP (Sleepyhead) 

There is a collective energy in Nashville, one that Liz Cooper has poured herself into for the past six years. Liz remarks that the energy in Nashville today is akin to that of Greenwich Village in 1960s New York or the Laurel Canyon days in the 1960s and 1970s and is a product of a collaborative approach to music and art. This community has allowed Liz to be part of many magically haphazard nights, where the movers and shakers of the Nashville music world, such as Okey Dokey, Becca Mancari, Rayland Baxter, Desert Noises, Morning Teleportation, Erin Rae, Brittany Howard, Cage The Elephant, Michael Nau and many more converge to make music and art and lose track of time. Her latest album is a product of that pulsating energy in Nashville that has had some of the greatest influence in her work. Don't miss Liz Cooper & The Stampede when they rock the house at Grimey's on release day - Friday, August 10th, at 6PM!

The War And Treaty - Healing Tide CD/LP (Strong World Ent.) 

As The War and Treaty, Michael and Tanya Trotter serve up healing and pain robbing with freewheeling joy on their new full-length album, Healing Tide. Funky bass lines, keys, lap steel, acoustic strings, and stripped-down percussion create a swampy Southern soul bed for the couple's transcendent vocals. One of the hottest new acts in Nashville, The War And Treaty will celebrate the release of their new album with a free, live in-store performance at Grimey's on Wednesday, August 22nd, at 5PM. Don't miss!

Shooter Jennings - Shooter CD/LP (Atlantic) 

For nearly two decades, Shooter Jennings has defied expectation while constantly expanding the parameters of country, rock 'n' roll, and beyond. The scion of American music royalty, he has affirmed his own place in histories still to come as a truly limitless artist whose ambitious experimentation spans myriad genres and creative platforms. Ever the outlaw, Jennings has now crafted what might well be his most truly idiosyncratic work thus far, Shooter. Produced by longtime friend and collaborator, Low Country Sound founder Dave Cobb at the renowned RCA Studio A on Nashville's Music Row, the album sees Jennings staking out a fairly straightforward goal: to simply make a great country record, singing songs about growing up and getting older, about going out and getting trashed. In short, making music for real people with real lives.

The Magpie Salute - High Water 1 CD/2xLP (Eagle Rock Entertaiment) 

For as much as The Magpie Salute represents a musical union of swaggering rock 'n' roll, psychedelic blues, and campfire-worthy storytelling, it also marks a reunion of musicians whose paths twisted and turned right back to each other. Pulled together by guitarist Rich Robinson, it continued a storyline he began in the Black Crowes with guitarist Marc Ford and bassist Sven Pipien. Meanwhile, vocalist John Hogg shared Hookah Brown with Robinson as keyboardist Matt Slocum and drummer Joe Magistro both joined him for solo records and tours over the years. [Limited blue/white splatter colored vinyl pressing is shipping late.]

Cordovas - That Santa Fe Channel CD/LP (ATO) 

Rooted in triple-stacked harmonies, southern storytelling, and cosmic country twang, Cordovas create their own version of American roots-rock with That Santa Fe Channel. The album arrives after more than a half-decade's worth of international touring, communal living, and shared songwriting sessions. It's a timely - and timeless - version of a sound that's existed for 50 years, ever since pioneers like the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band blurred the lines between rock, country, and amplified folk music. If That Santa Fe Channel nods to the band's influences, though, it's still a fiercely unique album, recorded in a series of live takes that shine a light not only on Cordovas' songwriting chops, but their strength as a raw, rugged live band as well. Their sound has earned praise from NPR Music and Rolling Stone, who described the group as "the harmony-heavy, guitar-fueled house band at a Big Pink keg party in 1968." [Limited orange colored vinyl pressing.]

Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch CD/Cassette (Harvest) 

Year Of The Snitch is the sixth studio album by experimental the hip-hop group comprised of Stefan Burnett (aka MC Ride) and production team Zach Hill and Andy Morin. "In the process of trying to sabotage their career at every turn, Death Grips became career artists. Regardless of how you classify their prolific output thus far, the noise-rap art project has averaged one album per year, with enough variation and quality control to make their 'will they or won't they break up' shtick background noise. They're industrious, downright reliable, even. So, on their 10th release in seven years, Year Of The Snitch, Death Grips stay politically agnostic, persistently agitated-in a word, noided. It's kinda quaint. Maybe even comforting." - Pitchfork [Vinyl edition - including limited indie-only clear pressing - due September 7.]

Jason Mraz - Know. CD/LP+MP3 (Atlantic) 

It's a testament to the generosity of spirit in Jason Mraz's music that so many people have chosen his songs as the soundtrack to major moments in their lives, and new memories are certain to be made with the songs on his sixth album, Know. The bulk of the album was written against the backdrop of the 2016 Presidential election and its aftermath, and Mraz found himself writing a lot of "frustrated, angry, even sad songs, but nothing I wanted to sing." Instead he has chosen to convey an uplifting, positive message. Mraz introduces the album's theme with its first single "Have It All", which was inspired by his 2012 visit to the Southeast Asian country of Myanmar. "Have It All" stands out as a song with a hopeful message to help him and others heal and move forward. Other notable songs include "Making It Up" - a collaboration with his songwriter friend Bob Schneider about how anything is possible, we're just making life up, so why don't we make it up to be something great, and "Better With You", which was inspired by his marriage. One of Mraz's favorite album tracks is "Unlonely", which hearkens back to some of his early, beloved songs. Fans will also be pleased to see the inclusion of "Sleeping To Dream", a live favorite Mraz wrote in 1999 that has never been recorded in a studio.

Jake Shears - Jake Shears CD/LP (Freida Jean) 

Showcasing the essence of what Jake Shears does best, the eponymously titled solo debut from the Scissor Sisters frontman is an album brimming with anthemic choruses and lyrics about the joys and vagaries of love and sex - all of it underpinned by a swampy soul influence imparted from his newly adopted hometown New Orleans. Shears' artistic vision blossomed in the epicenter of Southern decadence, where he had headed following the Scissors hiatus in 2012. Initial ideas for the album were mapped out at the city's famed Marigny Studios before he decamped to Louisville, KY to work with producer Kevin Ratterman (Ray LaMontagne, My Morning Jacket) who recruited members of My Morning Jacket, VHS or Beta, Jim James' solo band, and Floating Action to lay down the album's foundation. With string and brass arrangements by Christian Hebel (Barbra Streisand) and Lance Horne (Alan Cumming), they returned to NOLA to capture the city's signature sound with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Sturgill Simpson's brass section. The result is a thrilling work that plays inside some of the hallmarks of classic American rock music and marries them with Jake's inimitable point of view, humor, and gift for unforgettable hooks.

The Love Language - Baby Grand CD/LP+MP3 (Merge) 

Released last week on vinyl - now available on CD. You may not be able to see the gorgeous landscapes behind Baby Grand, Stuart McLamb's fourth record as The Love Language, but they're so essential to the picture you'll feel them in every note. Yet so much lies in the shadows behind these tracks: other states, other lives, other dreams, other relationships - fogged over, perhaps, but there nonetheless. Yes, Baby Grand has its share of breakup songs - nobody writes those better than McLamb - but this time, even as something is being mourned, something else is being worked through; as lovers have been left behind, so have places and a time in life. Listen as the heartbreak and yearning of "New Amsterdam" come crashing down into the beautiful stasis of "Southern Doldrums" (the former was inspired by Cyndi Lauper and Joy Division, McLamb claims, while the latter draws upon John Cale's meditative solo records), or as the beautiful lift of the startling sequence of songs that make up Baby Grand's propulsive midsection gives way to a moody instrumental called "Rain/Delay", a collection of distant plinks and plonks struggling to assemble themselves into melody. The song "Juiceboxx" is what you'd get if Mick Jagger crooned his "Emotional Rescue" falsetto over a backing track by the Style Council, and "Let Your Hair Down" impressively suggests what "Caroline, No" might have sounded like if only it had been written by George Michael. [Deluxe colored vinyl pressing also available.]

Dawn Landes - Meet Me At The River CD/LP+MP3 (Yep Roc) 

Through four full-length albums, Dawn Landes has blazed her own path with songs that are as fresh as they are timeless. Still, there's no mistaking that strains of Nashville reside in her voice and in her musical soul, and now, with her fifth album, Landes is finally bringing them to center stage. Meet Me At The River is Landes' self-described "Nashville record," and she has assured its pedigree by enlisting the production skills of Fred Foster, the Country Music Hall of Fame member who played a pivotal role in the careers of Dolly Parton, Roy Orbison, and Kris Kristofferson. [Limited edition sage green colored vinyl pressing.]

Robbie Fulks/Linda Gail Lewis - Wild! Wild! Wild! CD/LP+MP3 (Bloodshot) 

The collaboration between Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Robbie Fulks and rock 'n' roll royalty Linda Gail Lewis, Wild! Wild! Wild!, gleefully lives up to its title. Subversive as it is reverential, the album confidently jumps the genre tracks of nitty-gritty rock 'n' roll, Americana, country & western, rockabilly, and all of their offshoots.

Walter Salas-Humara - Walterio CD/LP (Rhyme & Reason) 

For years, Walter Salas-Humara has split his time between making music and visual art, so it's not surprising that Walterio contains rich imagery - both lyrically and on its cover. But one of the strongest images it evokes actually comes from the music itself, which might be described as the sonic equivalent of a tree - a rock 'n' roll family tree. Salas-Humara was made in Cuba, too, but born in America. (The album's title is his Hispanic nickname.) He spent a good chunk of his Florida childhood studying drums, which, of course, led to teenage rock 'n' roll bands. Tracks such as "Here We Go," "She's a Caveman" and "Out of the Band" can trace lineage back to the Silos, the still-kicking band Salas-Humara co-founded in New York's post-punk '80s scene. laying alt-country before anyone called it that, they were named Best New Artist in the 1987 Rolling Stone Critics Poll - which temporarily deep-sixed Salas-Humara's art-career plans.

Tomberlin - At Weddings CD/LP+MP3 (Saddle Creek) 

On her deeply moving debut At Weddings, Sarah Beth Tomberlin writes with the clarity and wisdom of an artist well beyond her years. Like Julien Baker and Sufjan Stevens, she has a knack for transforming the personal into parable. Like Grouper, she has a feel for the transcendent within the ordinary. Born in Jacksonville, FL, and now based in Louisville, KY, Tomberlin wrote most of At Weddings while living with her family in Southern Illinois during her late teens and early twenties. The daughter of a Baptist pastor, Tomberlin found herself questioning not only her faith, but her identity, her purpose, and her place in the world. In songwriting, she found relief and lucidity she had trouble articulating otherwise. When she was 19, she wrote "Tornado" on her parents' piano and began to gain confidence in her music. A year later, Tomberlin had enough songs to fill an album. "My number one goal with my music is for honesty and transparency that helps other people find ways to exist," she says. With At Weddings, this remarkable young songwriter offers up comfort and wonder in equal measure. [Mint green vinyl was delayed and will ship next week. Standard black vinyl is available for special order.]

The Beths - Future Me Hates Me CD/LP+MP3 (Carpark) 

The Beths occupy a warm, energetic sonic space between joyful hooks, sun-soaked harmonies, and acerbic lyrics. Their debut album, Future Me Hates Me, delivers an astonishment of roadtrip-ready pleasures, each song hitting your ears with an exhilarating endorphin rush like the first time you heard Pavement's Slanted And Enchanted or The Breeders' "Cannonball". Front and center on these 10 infectious tracks is lead singer and primary songwriter Elizabeth Stokes. Stokes has previously worked in other genres within Auckland's rich and varied music scene, recently playing in a folk outfit, but it was in exploring the angst-ridden sounds of her youth that she found her place. From the irresistible title track to future singles "Happy Unhappy" and "You Wouldn't Like Me", Stokes commands a vocal range that spans from the brash confidence of Joan Jett to the disarming vulnerability of Jenny Lewis. Further honeying Future Me Hates Me's dark lyrics that explore complex topics like being newly alone and the self-defeating anticipation of impending regret, ecstatic vocal harmonies bubble up like in the greatest pop and R&B of the '60s, while inverting the trope of the "sad dude singer accompanied by a homogenous girl-sound."

Bird Streets - Bird Streets CD (Omnivore) 

There is a grand tradition of "one-man bands" in the world of power pop. From Todd Rundgren, to Emitt Rhodes, to Jon Brion-the genre has produced many of the best. There's another name to add to that list: John Brodeur. Releasing his own recordings at the beginning of the 21st century, multi-instrumentalist Brodeur has shared the stage with acts like Fountains Of Wayne, They Might Be Giants, and Gavin DeGraw. In between playing on and/or producing a bevy of other acclaimed artists like Freedy Johnston and White Hills, he's also produced music that has been used on television networks like NBC, A&E, VH1, and Discovery Channel. So, it's likely you've heard John Brodeur already, even though his name may be new to you. Bird Streets is a collaboration between Brodeur and Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, Beck, and another member of the "one-man band" club.) Bird Streets contains 11 tracks written and performed by Brodeur (in conjunction with Falkner), with guest appearances by Miranda Lee Richards and Luther Russell (The Freewheelers, Those Pretty Wrongs). It's a walk down a boulevard filled with harmonies and hooks that is completely new but invokes everything you love about your journeys-past, present, and future.

Foxing - Nearer My God CD/2xLP (Triple Crown) 

The St. Louis, MO emo/alternative/math-rock band's much anticipated third album, Nearer My God, was produced by Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie, Tegan & Sara) and the band's own Eric Hudson. The record tackles such weighted subjects as religion, mental illness, political instability, global disaster and the near constant sense of impending doom. The band reflects these feelings in the album's own title which is taken from the name of a 19th-century hymn said to be the song played as the Titanic sank and used in the now infamous CNN doomsday video meant to be aired as the world ends. However, among the dark subject matter, the band delivers an album that is, without a doubt, their most immediate, complex, sonically grand and focused work yet.

With Confidence - Love And Loathing CD/LP+MP3 (Hopeless) 

Sydney, Australia's With Confidence formed in 2012 and have cited influences from bands The Dangerous Summer, Kings Of Leon, Blink- 182, The Wonder Years, The Strokes, and La Dispute on their Facebook. Along with Blink-182, All Time Low, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Love And Loathing is their sophomore album.

Massive Wagons - Full Nelson CD/LP+MP3 (Earache) 

After eight years of scintillating live shows and two acclaimed studio albums, Lancashire feel-good rockers Massive Wagons return with twelve new tracks of quintessentially British hard rock 'n' roll and a live energy that is impossible not to get swept up in; mainly thanks to singer Baz Mills' mesmerizing, animated and infectious showmanship and the bands' musical muscle. Features the hits as "Under No Illusion", "Back To The Stack", and "Robot (Trust In Me)" plus fan favorites "Ratio" and "Tokyo".

Tirzah - Devotion CD/LP+MP3 (Domino) 

Devotion is the long-awaited debut album by Tirzah. The Essex-born performer has been at the center of the vital post-grime and UK garage sound of London for the better half a decade, but it's only now that her work has come to full fruition. Following her acclaimed EPs released on Greco-Roman, Devotion positions Tirzah as a unique contemporary soul voice on an innovative modern British R&B record. Delivering what feels like a landmark debut LP, the 11-songs across Devotion are an intimate collection of downtempo love-songs laced with romance and lust, melancholy and desire. The album was conceived and written with long-term collaborator, Mica Levi who handles the music and production across the whole album, Tirzah providing vocals, melody and lyrics. Additional vocals and lyrics are provided by Coby Sey on the stand out title track.

MIKE - Black Soap CD/LP (Lex) 

MIKE's music carries age beyond his years. Born in New Jersey, MIKE moved to London with his mother before settling in The Bronx for the remainder of his teenage years. Both regions have had an audible influence on the young rapper's music - in London he was immersed in grime and the music of King Krule, and in the Bronx he was turned on to Earl Sweatshirt and MF Doom. Through his mixtapes Winter New York, Longest Day, Shortest Night, May God Bless Your Hustle and his EP By The Water, he has made a definitive statement on the current state of youth in New York. MIKE raps over characteristically lo-fi, and soulfully hazy, self-produced beats. Themes about the depression and anxiety that accompany being young and African American abound throughout his music, but a muted sense of hopefulness and certainty that he is moving towards ultimate triumph is the motor quietly propelling things forward.

As It Is - The Great Depression CD/LP (Fearless) 

As It Is take the listener on a journey which delves into every aspect of arguably the most prevalent social ill of our time across their third studio album, The Great Depression. From public perception, to internal war, the quartet unflinchingly confront the most difficult questions around depression, the value of life over death, and whether the rhetoric around 'reaching out to talk' is ostensibly hollow, if no one is prepared to hear those words. But if the four-piece have delved into brave new territory conceptually on The Great Depression then the sonic leap forward that runs in tandem with it signals this record as not just a landmark release for the band, but for the scene as a whole. The album, produced by legendary producer Machine (Lamb Of God, Every Time I Die), is comfortably As It Is' most layered, technically accomplished and certainly most aggressive record to date. [Limited colored vinyl pressing available for special order.]

Sinsaenum - Repulsion For Humanity CD (earMUSIC) 

As the title for Sinsaenum's second album, Repulsion For Humanity, clearly indicates, this is nothing for the faint-hearted. "It's radical, it's violent, it's angry - angrier," as mastermind and founding member Frédéric Leclercq puts it. "The new album is a continuation of Ashes. In terms of sound and style, we've added more influences to the mix. This album is 100% us - not aimed to please the masses, not following formulas, and not made to fit radio criteria. From the artwork (made by Travis Smith), to the lyrics, to the music itself, there isn't an ounce of commercial compromise." Repulsion For Humanity was recorded during the long, dark winter of 2018 while the band shared a house. With the help of Francis Caste on mixing duties, Sinsaenum sharpened its own sonic identity, far from the typical death or modern metal sound.

Khôrada - Salt Black 2xCD+2xLP+7" (Prophecy) 

Deluxe box edition now available. Includes double vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve, deluxe two CD set in hardback book, 7" single, art prints and signed/numbered certificate. Rising from the ashes of Agalloch and Giant Squid, Khôrada create colossal, textured, and emotionally powerful music. At once atmospheric, aggressive and apocalyptic, the album's emotion is driven by the band members' view of today's world.

Reissues & From The Archives


David Axelrod - Songs Of Experience [Reissue/1969] CD (Now-Again) 

Songs Of Experience (1969) is visionary composer/arranger/producer David Axelrod's second album; it was recorded after the death of his beloved son Scott. Experience is an ominous affair, an album concerned with mortality and spirituality - the solitary, pastoral musings of William Blake set to the urban bombast of a full Los Angeles orchestra, with Wrecking Crew vets grounding the proceedings with dark funk. Vinyl is shipping late and will arrive next week.

Compilations, Best Of's & Sundry Collections

Elvis Presley - Where No One Stands Alone CD/LP+MP3 (RCA) 

Where No One Stands Alone celebrates the power and passion of Elvis Presley's gospel recordings. Produced by Joel Weinshanker, Lisa Marie Presley and Andy Childs, the album introduces newly-recorded instrumentation, rare alternate vocals from Elvis, and backing vocal contributions from music legends who'd performed on-stage and/or in-the-studio with Elvis such as: Darlene Love; Cissy Houston; Terry Blackwood, Armond Morales and Jim Murray of The Imperials; and Bill Baize, Ed Hill, Donnie Sumner and Larry Strickland of The Stamps Quartet.

Live & In Concert

Allman Brothers Band - Filmore East, February 1970 CD (Allman Brothers Recording Company) 

On Valentine's weekend 1970, the Allman's shared the stage with the Grateful Dead and Love at The Fillmore East along with Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac who'd showed up as they'd been sharing the bill with the Dead the previous week.

Little Steven and The Disciples Of Soul - Soulfire Live! 3xCD (UMe) 

A 24-track collection recorded last year in North America and Europe during the legendary rock 'n' roller's first tour in nearly two decades.

Marillion - All One Tonight (Live At The Royal Albert Hall) 2xCD (earMUSIC) 

British rock band Marillion, founded in 1979, have become one of the most commercially successful neo-progressive rock bands of the 1980s and are still one of the most outstanding representatives of their genre. On October 13, 2017, Marillion played at the Royal Albert Hall for the very first time. The concert was sold out in a split second and the audience, travelling from all over the world, was rewarded with an incredible Marillion show. In two parts, All One Tonight firstly showcases the band's acclaimed 2016 studio album F E A R in full. Accompanied by an awe-inspiring light show and films, Marillion perform their incisive and era-defining zeitgeist with unparalleled passion and power. The second half introduces In Praise Of Folly and guests, a string quartet with flute and French horn that throughout the rest of the show inject an extra depth and emotion to some of Marillion's best-loved live material. [4xLP vinyl and stand-alone DVD and Blu-ray editions available for special order.] 

New On Vinyl

Gillian Welch - Soul Journey [Reissue/2003] LP (Acony) 

Gillian Welch's rich and remarkable career spans over 20 years and is a pillar of the modern acoustic music world. This is the long-awaited first pressing of the roots singer/songwriter's moving 2003 album, Soul Journey, a collaborative effort with producer/multi-instrumentalist David Rawlings which Mojo called "pretty much perfect" in their 5-star review. It marked the pair's first experimentation with a fuller, electric sound and is home to some of the most beloved songs in Welch's catalog. Mastered for vinyl direct from the analog tapes by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings on their own custom-built VMS 80 lathe with Ortofon amplifiers and plated and pressed at Quality Record Pressings. The vinyl LP comes packaged in a gatefold old-style tip-on jacket with a printed insert and lyrics which are included with the album for the first time.

Shovels and Rope - Predecessors 3xLP (Dualtone Music) 

Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent (known jointly as the Americana/folk duo Shovels & Rope) started their career performing independently as solo artists, each releasing records under their own names in the mid-to-late '00s and early '10s. In 2008 they released the album titled Shovels & Rope as a collaboration and the two artists decided to tour together. Performing live, they'd play together on songs from Hearst's Lions and Lambs (2011), Trent's The Winner (2010), and their collaborative album, creating the first live glimpses of the band that would eventually become Shovels & Rope. Predecessors features their early individual solo albums along-side early collaborations in the form a three LP package featuring Hearst's Lions and Lambs, Trent's The Winner, and a third LP with never-before-released material from Shovels & Rope's archives.

Tom Waits - Foreign Affairs [Reissue/1977] LP+MP3 (ANTI-) 
Tom Waits - Blue Valentine [Reissue/1978] LP+MP3 (ANTI-) 

ANTI-'s remastered vinyl reissue campaign of Tom Waits' first seven albums on Asylum continues. 1977's Foreign Affairs takes the jazz and poetry that Waits explored on his earlier albums in a more cinematic direction, foreshadowing his own breakthrough work in the '80s. 1978's Blue Valentine is a big departure from earlier Waits albums. Trading the piano for the guitar, the singer/songwriter is getting rawer and bluesier. [Limited blue colored vinyl pressing of Blue Valentine is also available.]

Judee Sill - Songs of Rapture and Redemption: Rarities and Live 2xLP (Run Out Groove) 

The astonishing Judee Sill was the first artist signed to David Geffen's Asylum Records, and her eponymous 1971 debut was the label's first ever album. Sill's music is intensely spiritual, redolent of both mysticism and divine imagery, yet grounded by great songwriting and a pure but powerful singing talent. Her songs impart incredible intimacy that is enhanced and not diminished by her sometimes complex string/orchestral arrangements (remarkably Sill arranged and conducted the strings/orchestra on both of her albums herself!). When stardom didn't follow the critical acclaim of her first two albums her career never recovered. Sill was dead in 1979 at just 35 of a drug overdose. However, the brevity of Judee's musical legacy is vastly outweighed by the emotional power in the work she left behind. This brand-new 19-track, 2xLP collection includes demos, outtakes and live recordings which are making their premier on the vinyl format.

Warren Zevon - The Wind [Reissue/2003] LP (eOne Nashville) 

15th anniversary 180gm vinyl reissue of Warren Zevon's Grammy-winning final album. The Wind is like an X-ray with a dark shadow that shouldn't be there and can't be ignored. Recorded after Warren Zevon was diagnosed in 2002 with inoperable lung cancer, it sounds like the work of a guy who's still fighting, but also starting to wrap things up.

Liars - Original Soundtrack To The Film 1/1 LP (Mute) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Originally recorded in 2015, Original Soundtrack To The Film 1/1 marks the last recording of Liars' core team of Angus Andrews and Aaron Hemphill. The film submerges the audience into the mind of Lissa, a twenty-year-old girl trapped in rural Pennsylvania, who grapples with sex, drugs, love and loss. Liar's daring soundtrack follows the release of 2017's acclaimed TFCF (Theme From Crying Fountain), an album Pitchfork said "couldn't be a more appropriate marker of the irrepressible project's evolution, nor a more fitting testament to Liars' legacy."

Michael Nau - Michael Nau & the Mighty Thread LP (Relearn to Boogie)

"There was a musical language that we created; something without a guiding pattern that you could really just jump into and see where things could go," Maryland folk musician Michael Nau says of the process of recording his third solo album. The sprawling new album was recorded in Benny Yurco's one-bedroom apartment in downtown Burlington, Vermont. It's the first time one of Nau's records happened all in one place, and it feels most like a band record than ever before, he says; Nau and this particular group of musicians, including Nashville Native Will Brown, held it down together as a true team, which is why Nau named the record in their honor. Nothing more was added to it than what was recorded by Nau and the band in Yurco's apartment. It didn't feel like the right thing to do to mess with it post-facto, he adds. You can hear that synergy all across Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread, from the golden-sounding, glibly existential love song "Less Than Positive," one of the oldest written on album, to the smoky and melancholic "Smudge," one of the most recent compositions. The songs on this layered record sound sunny and familiar, like sharing stories and worries with a close friend on a late summer day. In a gorgeous and natural way, he contemplates his own process, those feelings of uncertainty. "Making it too hard just comes easier," Nau croons on "Funny In Real Life," an exquisite meditation on creation and self. "Truth is such a beautiful force/And every time we find the chorus/There's no second-guessing the real/I don't ever know how I feel." CD due 8/16.

Clairo - diary 101 LP (The Fader Label) 

From making music in her dorm room to becoming one of the most intriguing and exciting indie-pop artists to emerge in 2018, 19-year-old Clairo self-produced her debut EP, diary 001. New York Times calls it the new generation of "indie pop," praising her "innate knack for complex emotions rendered so casually as to be destabilizing". Coming off the DUA LIPA tour as main support, Clairo is already selling out her first headline tour this summer.

Serration Pulse - Serration Pulse LP (Third Man Records)

Serration Pulse is Daniel Tomczak & Kayla Anderson. Both are Metro Detroit natives who currently live in the city, having recently moved back after some years spent in Nashville. Formed in 2012, their music took shape as they participated in that city's electronic/noise scene. The duo's influences construct an artistic harmony that represents them well. Tomczak cites sounds of machines, things in radios, and vacuum cleaners as a source of inspiration from a young age. Anderson writes the lyrics, but considers herself more visual than verbal. She is creatively driven by that which she sees around her or out in the world. Together, the two strike a serenely somber balance that is systematically executed in their music. The three songs on their self-titled EP are glacial, menacing electro-dirges - the spirit of punk filtered through the angst of electronics. "The Beach" is cascading waves of electro-terror, an icy shore traversed by Anderson's haunting voice. "Faces Down" is the charred remains of humanity, dust in the wires of shrieking electronics, snakes hissing, crystals popping. "Stockholm" is hypnotic cynicism, devotion to despair, a paean to the gloom. The music of Serration Pulse avails itself of the full range of the synths' possibilities, sounding at once both full and grotesque, ethereal and coarse. Yet no life is lost. It is all contained in their instruments, transformed into logarithmic sorrow, and released in grimly spellbinding reverberations upon unsuspecting audiences.

Idles - Brutalism LP (Balley/PTKF) 

Released last year on CD - now available on vinyl. Bristol's finest post-punk polemics Idles have been promising to do great things for some time now, and with their debut album Brutalism, they absolutely fulfill that promise, a furious promise at that.

The Moldy Peaches - The Moldy Peaches [Reissue/2001] LP+7" (Rough Trade) 

The Moldy Peaches were established in the mid- '90s by Adam Green and Kimya Dawson, after meeting in upstate New York. The duo helped spawn the "anti-folk" music genre movement, bringing a more quirky, lo-fi punk element into the indie music scene. After releasing their own music for a few years, they collected their best material for a proper album, and in 2001 shared The Moldy Peaches via Rough Trade Reocrds. [Limited colored vinyl pressing will arrive on Friday. CD reissue due August 17.]

Various Artists - I Wanna Be Sedated: From The Underground 2xLP (WB) 

Warner Bros. Records is celebrating its 60th Anniversary with a series of double-vinyl compilations highlighting some of the greatest music of the last six decades. The second collection is I Wanna Be Sedated: From The Underground. The album features 20 tracks from the punk, new wave and alternative rock era. Artists include B-52s, Elvis Costello, Dead Boys, Echo And The Bunnymen, Flaming Lips, Hüsker Dü, Jane's Addiction, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Ramones, Pretenders, New Order, Replacements, Talking Heads, Violent Femmes and many others.

The Fall - 45 84 89 A Sides [Reissue/1990] LP (Beggars Banquet) 

First-ever US vinyl pressing containing classic singles from 1984-1989. The seventeen songs collected here come from The Fall's Brix Smith era, aka "the golden era of Fall releases." Limited white colored vinyl pressing. This title shipped late and will arrive on Friday.

The Easybeats - Absolute Anthology 1965 To 1969 2xLP (Alberts) 

Reissued album from iconic Australian band The Easybeats featuring all 43 of their tracks. Originally released for one print run on vinyl only in 1980, this long out of print album has been digitally mastered and the artwork recreated by hand to replicate the original release.

Nina Simone - The Amazing Nina Simone LP (Wax Love)

Originally released in 1959, Nina Simone's second LP, The Amazing Nina Simone, was her first for the Colpix label, who would release most of her early material. A collection of blues, jazz, gospel, and folk music, mostly made up of standards and traditional tunes and favoring string arrangements to the piano work Simone is most known for, The Amazing Nina Simone is a beautiful and unique album when compared to the rest of her body of work. Her beautiful voice is showcased on legendary songs like "Willow Weep For Me" and the Rodgers/Hammerstein standard "It Might As Well Be Spring."

Larry Young - Lawrence Of Newark [Reissue/1973] LP (8th) 

This is one of the rarest albums ever recorded by jazz organist Larry Young - cut for the tiny Perception label during the early 70s, and featuring some of the cream of the New Jersey jazz underground.

Above & Beyond - Tri-State [Reissue/2006] 2xLP (Anjunabeats) 

Above & Beyond - Group Therapy [Reissue/2011] 2xLP (Anjunabeats) Tri-State is the 2006 debut artist album from Above & Beyond, one of the UK's outstanding electronic acts on par with Underworld and BT. Appealing to clubbers and armchair dance music fans alike, Tri-State's 12 original tracks showcased the group's unique songwriting and production talents for the first time alongside guest vocalists like Zoe Johnston (Faithless, Bent), Ashley Tomberlin (Luminary), and Richard Bedford. Featuring the BBC Radio 1 playlisted single "Sun & Moon," 2011's Group Therapy served as the long-awaited second album from the duo, encompassing trance, electronic house, downtempo and even modern classical influences. Bringing Above & Beyond's renowned blend of classic songwriting values and sleek electronic production into a contemporary context, Group Therapy features 15 tracks of cutting-edge melodic music and includes vocal contributions from both Richard Bedford and Zoë Johnston.

Orquesta de Las Nubes - The Order of Change LP (Music from Memory)

Electronic pioneer Suso Saiz and percussionist Pedro Estevan formed the group when the two met while attending a course on "Techniques of Contemporary Composition" in Madrid and found that they shared a curiosity for American minimalist and non-western music, with soprano singer María Villa later joining on vocals. With Suso's sparse use of guitar loops, synthesizers, and drum computers in combination with the hypnotic percussion of Pedro Estevan and the wordless drifting vocals of María Villa, Orquesta De La Nubes would evolve as a group with a truly unique musical language; an ethereal and almost otherworldly musical realm.

Jake Muir - Lady's Mantle LP (Sferic)

Muir is a sound designer and artist from LA, where he's previously recorded and released albums under the Monadh moniker for Further Records and Dragon's Eye Recordings. On Lady's Mantle, Muir unfurls a poignant sound image crafted from samples of a well-loved American pop group and later smudged with field recordings made everywhere from Iceland to California. In nine succinct scenes, the results loosely limn a wide sense of space and place with its fading harmonic auroras and glinting, half-heard surf rock melodies rendered in an abstract impressionist manner that suggests a fine tracing of in-between-spaces, perhaps describing metropolitan sprawl giving way to vast mountain ranges and oceanic scales. 

DJ Khalab - Black Noise 2084 LP (On the Corner Records)

Khalab has summoned a futuristic Afro-centric soundscape by weaving a polyphonic tapestry of future bass, jazz, and field recordings, casting aside the worn and surface-level cliché of black music being soul music. From dystopian roots, the beat marabout Khalab has led his assembly of messengers to invoke this myth of cathartic liberation. Black Noise 2084 opens a portal where displaced rhythms, chants, screams, and dreams collide with quaking bass, a vortex of shattering synths, jazz rains and emotion all amalgamate. Empires for millennia thrived across the African continent and Empires are being willed to rise. 2084, a time when rhythms have shed the cargo of their haunted odyssey. Includes download card.

Showbiz & A.G. - Runaway Slave [Reissue/1992] LP (Island) 

Vinyl reissue of the 1992 album from the hip-hop duo. Showbiz and A.G. is a hip-hop duo from The Bronx, New York City. Showbiz is a producer and A.G. (short for André The Giant) is a rapper. Album guests include Black Sheep's Dres, Diamond D, Lord Finesse and Deshawn.

The Gladiators - Presenting The Gladiators: Deluxe Edition 2xLP+MP3 (Studio One) 

The Gladiators created some of reggae's most enduring songs. Albert Griffiths' sensibilities as a songwriter and singer, complemented perfectly by the sweetness of Clinton Fearon's voice and Gallimore Sutherland's harmony made for one of the genre's greatest vocal trios. Despite their later success, it was their output for Studio One that formed the group's sound and molded their success. Songs like "Roots Natty" found on Presenting The Gladiators are some of the best in the Studio One catalog and rank among the best that the group recorded. The sound of the Gladiators at Studio One will always be timeless. Presenting The Gladiators has been out of print for over a decade, and this deluxe edition includes all the songs found on the original album and its subsequent re-issues while restoring its original track listing for the first time in forty years. Also included are various dubs, extended mixes (many of which are previously unreleased), and "Serious Thing" faded from the master tapes.

Jon Pardi - California Sunrise [Reissue/2016] LP (Liberty/Capitol Nashville) 

Limited orange colored vinyl LP pressing of the sophomore album from the country artist. Pardi is often commended for sticking to his traditional country roots. "I always want to have the traditional country soul while meeting the new standards of country music," explains the country singer. "As with traditional country music, much of the appeal comes from a compelling narrative." Pardi adds, "As a songwriter, we're looking for a good story and we're always looking to push the limits. I love having those lyrics that at first make you think it's about one thing, but it's really about something so much more."

James Taylor - New Moonshine [Reissue/1991] LP (Analog Sparks) 

Vinyl reissue of James Taylor's 13th studio album.

Mr. Big - Live From Milan 3xLP (Frontiers) Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Following the release of their 2017 album, Defying Gravity, Mr. Big set out on a trek that took them all over the world to promote the new release in a live setting. Anyone who has ever had the distinct pleasure of seeing the band live knows that the virtuoso musicianship and incredible vocals are on full display in this setting.

Pauline Oliveros - Early Electronic Works 1959-66 2LP (Sub Rosa)

A collection of Pauline Oliveros's early material. Oliveros was an important American composer, born in Houston, Texas in 1932. She made an impact in the world of contemporary composition through the creation of the Deep Listening Center, her approach to improvisation, and her numerous and varied collaborations including those with John Cage, Morton Subotnick, Terry Riley, Sonic Youth, Erold, and Andrew Deutsch. The music presented here is her early and definitive contribution to the tape and electronic music of the late 1950s and 1960s through her tape experiments and systematic exploration of electronic sounds, which were fundamental during this period.

Mike Shinoda - Post Traumatic 2xLP (WB)

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. In the months since the passing of Linkin Park vocalist and bandmate Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda has immersed himself in art as a way of processing his grief. With no agenda, Shinoda hunkered down alone in his Los Angeles home and began writing, recording, and painting. In January, he released a teaser EP consisting of three deeply personal songs - each one a powerful, stream-of-consciousness expression of unvarnished grief - accompanied by homemade visuals that Shinoda filmed, painted and edited himself. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with New York Times stating, "The tracks are reverberant electronic dirges; the rhymes, heading into sung choruses, testify to bewilderment, mourning, resentment, self-pity and questions about what to do." Following the EP release, Shinoda continued to create, and the result is a transparent and intensely personal album that, despite its title, isn't entirely about grief, though it does start there.

Sunn O))) - White1 [Reissue/2003] 2xLP (Southern Lord) 
Sunn O))) - White2 [Reissue/2004] 2xLP (Southern Lord) 

Uncompromising progressive doom back in-print on vinyl.

Laurel Halo - Raw Silk Uncut Wood LP (Latency Recordings)

'What works reliably is to know the raw silk, hold the uncut wood. Need little. Want less. Forget the rules. Be untroubled.' Laurel Halo presents six instrumental pieces that form a meditative, cinematic listening experience. Inspired by recent film score work for Metahaven and Ursula Le Guin's translation of the Tao Te Ching. Featuring cello work by Oliver Coates and percussion by Eli Keszler. Working in abstraction leads to a deeper longing for touch and closeness. The tactile sensation of struck organ keys and bowed strings, wood and felt on drum heads. Febrile and tactile, hairy and hissy. A clover of highway onramps, a continuous flow, like old leaves melting on their way down a stream at the back of a house. 

Claudio Simonetti's Goblin - Dawn Of The Dead [OST/Reissue/1978] LP+2xCD (Rustblade) 

Recently released on CD - now available as a Deluxe box set. Reissue of Simonetti's score to one of the most famous horror movies of all time. The music is a mix of prog and electronic rock full of tension and magic tribalism. Features a bonus disc of remixes and covers. Limited Deluxe edition contains: vinyl, double CDs, comic book, t-shirt (large), gadgets, tote bag and more.