New On Vinyl - 11/30/17

The Staves & yMusic - The Way Is Read LP (Nonesuch) 

The English trio The Staves and NYC-based ensemble yMusic join forces for a twelve-song album stemming from their 2016 collaboration at Justin Vernon's Eaux Claires Festival.

Barns Courtney - The Attractions Of Youth LP (Capitol) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Courtney's debut album melds together the life-affirming abandon of The Libertines with the euphoric, percussive drive of Arcade Fire, and marks a huge creative step forward for the UK born, US raised troubadour.

Denzel Curry - 32 Zel LP (Loma Vista) 

In June of 2015, Denzel Curry dropped 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms, a double-EP that saw him move away from his formalist roots and embrace chaotic, synth-led sounds. "I didn't like the reception 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms got, because I feel like nobody got what I was trying to say," he says now. "The way it was perceived, that clouded everybody's judgment about my music and about my craft. Nobody thought I could top Nostalgic." As the sounds Denzel explored on the EPs moved even further into vogue - fans and critics started to come around to the new material. Redelivery through Loma Vista (previously through TuneCore but unavailable for the past year). Featuring the RIAA-certified gold single "Ultimate."

Anaïs Mitchell - Young Man In America [2012] LP (Wilderland) 

Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer - Child Ballads [Reissue/2013] LP (Wilderland) 

Anaïs Mitchell is not a man. She's a woman so it may catch a few listeners off-guard when Mitchell cries out, in the opening sequence of 2012's Young Man In America. "I'm a young man!" And it may come as a surprise when, over the course of eleven songs, she seems to be channeling spirits from the Old Testament to modern America - but mostly, well, from the Y chromosome. "Child Ballads is a deceptively wispy collection of old English and Scottish folk songs, a collaboration sprouted a few years ago when Mitchell and Hamer discovered their shared fascination with the British folk canon established by a Harvard professor in the late 1800s." - Pitchfork

The Liminanas - Istanbul is Sleepy 12" (Because Music)

Reflecting on their collaboration with Anton Newcombe, Lionel explains, "Anton is singing and playing guitar on the track. He was inspired, in particular, by The Cult during their 'Rain' period. Last year, Mojo magazine asked us to record a cover for a special Kinks tribute. We chose 'Two Sisters'. Marie and I were thinking for the vocal part it would be great to approach Anton Newcombe, having opened for The Brian Jonestown Massacre at Le Trianon in Paris. The work began like that." RIYL: Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot, France. Also features Emmanuelle Seigner.

John Williams - Star Wars: A New Hope [OST/1977] 3xLP (Walt Disney) 

New 40th Anniversary hologram vinyl version of the remastered original motion picture soundtrack presented in one-of-a-kind hand-etched vinyl set.

Max Richter - Black Mirror: Nosedive [Score] LP (Deutsche Grammophon) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. Richter's powerfully emotional score mirrors the film's bleak but dream-like quality, where anxiety lurks constantly beneath the surface, underlining the mood of what is, essentially, a tragi-comedy.

Nightmares On Wax - Citizen Kane 12"+MP3 (Warp) 

The electro composer returns with a fresh new single featuring Allen Kingdom. Released ahead of his upcoming album Shape The Future, the track demonstrates the journey George Evelyn has taken over his expansive and influential career, pushing further into deep, gospel-tinged hip-hop, than ever before.

Over The Rhine - Drunkard's Prayer [Reissue/2005] 2xLP (Great Speckled Dog) 

You've heard a lot over the years about breakup albums. Well, Drunkard's Prayer is what staying together sounds like. Originally released in 2005 by EMI, the project has been beautifully re-packaged on deluxe gatefold double vinyl, and contains some of Over The Rhine's most downloaded and streamed songs. Side D is comprised of three live bonus tracks, not included on the CD version.

Cursive - Such Blinding Stars [Reissue/1997] LP (15 Passenger) 

Cursive - The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song [Reissue/1998] LP (15 Passenger) 

Cursive's debut album has been repressed on limited edition blue vinyl. Their second album, The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song, has been remastered and is now available on vinyl for the first time in the US. Limited clear with smoke colored vinyl pressing.

Durutti Column - Paean To Wilson [Reissue/2010] 2xLP (Kooky) 

Blue vinyl repress. Paean To Wilson is arguably Vini Reilly and The Durutti Column's most important and consistent piece of work since the demise of the original and seminal Factory Records in the early 1990s.

Arthur Russell - Another Thought 2LP (Arc Light Editions)

Arthur Russell's Another Thought was first released posthumously in 1994, two years after his death. The tracks date from between 1982 to around 1990, catalogued from over 800 tape reels by Mikel Rouse for Point Music, and produced by Don Christensen. While it is a collection of tracks in various stages of completion, often sparse and direct, it is perhaps the most sonically coherent album ever released of Russell's material. Another Thought includes appearances by trombonist Peter Zummo, percussionist Mustafa Ahmed, additional vocals by composers Julius Eastman and Elodie Lauten, plus Joyce Bowden, Jennifer Warnes, and Steven Hall. 

The Lyman Woodard Organization - Saturday Night Special [Reissue/1975] 2xLP (BBE) 

Vinyl reissue of a rightly heralded jazz fusion classic. Recorded in 1975, Saturday Night Special features organ, electric piano and Mellotron by bandleader Lyman Woodard alongside guitar and bass by Ron English, with drums and percussion by Leonard King, Bud Spangler and Lorenzo "Mr. Rhythm" Brown respectively. Despite the fairly sparse instrumentation, the album boasts an impressive wall of sound, powerfully atmospheric in its almost low-fi aesthetic. Hinting at more traditional jazz, rhythm & blues, Afro-Cuban styles and more, the uniqueness of this album is surely in its feel: summoning up images of a vast industrial landscape, assembly lines and urban decay. In other words, this record sounds like Detroit.

Various Artists - Jazz Loves Disney 2: A Kind Of Magic 2xLP (Verve) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. A collection of jazz and world artists taking on classic Disney songs. Includes George Benson, Madeleine Peyroux, Laura Mvula, Jamie Cullum and more. The Helsinki hell-raisers - whose brash, Sunset Strip-inspired hard rock has been praised by Rolling Stone as "debaucherous and flamboyant" - unleash a new album. "Pure f**king adrenaline."

Serge Gainsbourg & Jean-Claude Vannier - Les Chemins de Katmandou LP (Finders Keepers)

After decades in the making, Finders Keepers present the first-ever pressing of Serge Gainsbourg's most elusive and coveted soundtrack studio recordings, co-written, arranged, and orchestrated by the genius Jean-Claude Vannier (the arranger behind 1971's Histoire De Melody Nelson) during what many consider to be the dynamic duo's most definitive creative period. Featuring the original crack team of Paris based players now recognized as French library music royalty, this album epitomizes the inimitable musical direction and expert psychedelic pop musicianship that graced classic 1970s Gainsbourg/Vannier soundtracks, the sound that laid the stylistic foundations for subsequent decades of forward-thinking Gallic funk mastery. Comprising Vannier's signature recipe of thick plucked bass lines, close-mic'd drums, biting clavinet, and Eastern influenced strings and percussion (and a sprinkling of subtle traditional French instrumentation) the soundtrack to Les Chemins De Katmandou ("The Road To Katmandu", or "The Pleasure Pit") captures Vannier and Gainsbourg in the first year of their creative partnership capturing their unique embryonic energy. 

Catherine Ringer - Chroniques Et Fantasies 2LP+CD (Because Music)

Catherine Ringer created an inimitable, genre-defying personality and, along with her group Les Rita Mitsouko, had a huge effect on the French pop music scene in the '80s right through to the noughties. This is Ringer's second solo album, a family saga played out over 12 musical sketches, from everyday nothings to life's biggest problems. Catherine goes from synth-y cosmic disco to disheveled rock, from a steamy slow number to melancholic blues. Ringer's whole range of skills are on display, alternating from playfulness, troubled, melancholic, sweet, and spicy, all with her added brazenness that everyone knows and loves so well. It's something you wouldn't know how to do without. Three-sided double LP with an etching on side D, includes CD. 

Etta James - Chicago Blues Festival 1985 LP (Air Cuts)

Originally broadcast on WXRT-FM, this superb set captures her in terrific form, performing a selection of her best-loved songs in front of a delighted crowd. The entire original broadcast is presented here, professionally re-mastered, together with background liner notes and rare archival photos.

Albert Ayler - Bells LP (ESP-Disk)

"Bells" is the celebrated set that overjoyed the audience at New York's Town Hall on May 1st, 1965. It's a ferocious, twenty-minute romp containing excellent group improvisation and Ayler's signature military-themed melodies. The performance marks an important shift in Albert's music: towards blurring the lines between composition and improvisation. This reissue also includes a B-side for the first time ever: "Vibrations aka (tune Q)2"

Albert Ayler - New York Eye and Ear Control LP (ESP-Disk)

This is a very interesting set, music that was freely improvised and used as the soundtrack for the 34-minute short film New York Eye and Ear Control. Tenor saxophonist Albert Ayler leads the all-star sextet (which also includes trumpeter Don Cherry, altoist John Tchicai, trombonist Roswell Rudd, bassist Gary Peacock and drummer Sunny Murray) on two lengthy jams. The music is fiery but with enough colorful moments to hold one's interest throughout.

Dexter Gordon - Both Sides Of Midnight LP (ORG Music) 

Dexter Gordon recorded dozens of albums and played hundreds of live shows, but none better than what's captured on this 1967 date at Jazzhus Montmartre in Copenhagen. 180gm audiophile-grade vinyl.

Bill Plummer & the Cosmic Brotherhood - Bill Plummer & the Cosmic Brotherhood LP (Captain High Records)

Originally released in 1968; long thought to be lost to only the most industrious of crate diggers. Already an accomplished jazz bassist at the time of the album's release, Bill Plummer turned heads on The Cosmic Brotherhood with heavy Eastern and psychedelic influences that challenged contemporary ideas about jazz. Original compositions are colored by striking sitar sounds, rhythmic chanting, and melodic improvisation, and Plummer also lends his distinctive touch to songs by The Byrds and Burt Bacharach. The result is an album that reflects a musician at the peak of his creative powers, unafraid to explore new ideas and sounds that meld into a cohesive, spectacular album.

Les Baxter and His Orchestra - Les Baxter's Jungle Jazz LP (Captain High Records)

Originally released in 1959. Les Baxter's version of jazz music was a contemporary fresh and colorful sound with an exotic vibe, due to the use of many elements of Latin music within a modernized big band sound. He draws inspiration from the various swing orchestras of the late 1920s and combines this lush big band approach with a hot South American groove that shows an affinity for Cuban club music, for mambo and salsa. With rhythmical effects and a few wordless female vocal passages added, he builds this haunting jungle atmosphere on top while leaving out the too obvious animal voices. Includes four bonus tracks.

Eden Ahbez - Eden's Island LP (Captain High Records)

Originally released in 1960. Eden Ahbez approaches the field of exotica music from a different point of view, creating an epic concept album about a utopian society living in peace and harmony on an island far away from the modern western world as we know it. And indeed, there are many trademarks of the prototypical exotica music, beginning with this relaxed groove combining easy listening swing and Latin patterns, peaceful, dreamy, and even transcendental vocal melodies, with tinges of folk music from around the world, including powerful dances and a whole color palette of mind-expanding sounds giving the whole music an even greater depth and width. Psychedelic music before the term was even invented. Includes bonus tracks.

Felix Kubin - Takt Der Arbeit LP (Editions Mego)

Originally developed as a film score, Takt Der Arbeit is inspired by a handful of industrial and instructional films from the early 1960s to the early 1990s that portray different forms of work. Felix Kubin translates these historic documents into a musical poem of conceptual depth. Following an almost analytical effort, Kubin and an ensemble of three percussionists investigate the different qualities and intensities of time that are catalyzed in working processes. While picking up precise temporal and motoric motives of the films, condensing paces and excavating rhythmic patterns, the ensemble maps out an animist choreography, shifting from a time when labor was still relying on bodily efforts to a time when machines and ticking clocks seem to reign and model human perception.

Van Jones - Time Has Made Me New LP (Everland)

Originally released in 1981. A very rare early '80s soul and boogie LP. This brand new and first official reissue ever contains the now classic modern soul dancer 'Not About That (Show Me Some Respect)' alongside some beautiful ballad material for the more dedicated soul fans. The elusive Van Jones from Pughsville, VA continued to record -- as he did since 1976 -- several 7" and 12" singles into the decade. But this highly sought after album from 1981 is widely considered as the definitive moment in his short though fruitful recording career.

O.T. Sykes - First Love LP (Everland)

Originally released in 1981. Mr. O.T. Sykes is often and fondly called 'The Singing Dentist' but it's far from a joke, as Dr. Sykes has never given up his day job to this day. But this is true soul music to the max and is written, played and produced by Jeffrey Singleton (The Frat, Frat Band, Autofrat) and Mr. Sykes himself, plus the cream of the rich music scene in Memphis, TN. Original copies are now really hard to come by so this long overdue and most carefully prepared reissue is more than welcome.

Various Artists - Air Africa LP (Aziza Disques)

Noir C'est Noir first volume: Afro beat & soul! Part of a series of compilations sourced from a deep exploration of the vast archives of music all across Africa, composed of dynamite fusions that have not been assembled together previously, such as soul, jerk, psych, beat, garage, and others. All cuts reissued for the first time. Features: Orchestre African Fiesta, Sunbust, Gee Dees, Sax Wary And Orchestre, Les Kilts, Kante Manfla, François Lougah, The Rwenzori´s, Bongi & Nelson, Verckys Et Son Ensemble, Docteur Nico & The Orchestre, Kalle Et L'african Team, Uta Bella, and H.C. Clementophe.

Various Artists - Air Africa LP (Aziza Disques)

Noir C'est Noir second volume: garage, psych, and prog! These recordings were made during the '60s and '70s from a time when African people were willing to celebrate the Pan-African identity within their own conception of music. All cuts reissued for the first time. Features: Wrong Notes, Narma Samith, Orquestre Veve, Os Rebeldes, Sunny Blacks Band, Vum Vum, Simiao, Tall Enma & His Skipper, Os Impacto, Gino Garrido e Os Psicodelicos, Teta Lando, Os Inflexos, Shar' Habeel, and H2O.

Various Artists - El Apagon: Peruvian Chicha from the Horoscopo Vaults, 1978-1988 LP (Pharaway Sounds)

The first ever compilation dedicated to this groundbreaking Peruvian label, Discos Horóscopo. Founded by Juan Campos in 1977, the Discos Horóscopo label was the major outlet for the real Peruvian chicha sound: a surreal and irresistible blend of psychedelic fuzz-tone guitars, infectious echo-drenched vocals, electronic keyboards, and tropical/Andean rhythms. During its 15 years of existence, Discos Horóscopo was the home of the biggest names of the chicha sound, from the legendary Chacalón Y La Nueva Crema to Los Destellos, Los Ovnis, Grupo Alegría, all featured here.

Various Artists - Very Tasty Pachuco Mambo LP (Pinche Discos)

The pachuco mambo is a Mexican-American craze dance music that combined and alternated between Afro-American and Afro-Caribbean styles. The pachuco mambo, which used rhythms of swing, boogie woogie, and rumba with lyrics in Spanglish and in Caló, the Spanglish language of the Pachucos, exuberantly transformed the painful experience of Mexican-American fans who felt trapped in the midst of two cultures and brought together the Chicano, Anglo, and African-American audience. Featured in this collection are Don Tosti, a Mexican-American composer from Texas, and Lalo Guerrero, from Arizona. Tosti's "Pachuco Boogie", recorded in 1948, was the first Latin song to sell a million records. 

C.A. Quintet - Live Trips 1971 LP (Merlins Nose Records) 

C.A. Quintet's 1969 album Trip Thru Hell is one of the holy grails of late '60s heavy psych rock. This live set was recorded two years after their cult debut, featuring a slew of inventive covers such as an unusual take on the Beatles' "And Your Bird Can Sing", turned into a groovy, smoking hot, organ-driven power rocker with a melodic edge, as well as original material ranging from sleazy acid blues rockers to power rock with psychedelic elements. If you love the underground side of US hard rock, like Josefus, Fresh Blueberry Pancake, and Stonewall, than this is the thing for you.

Cymbeline - 1965-1971 LP (Guerssen Records)

Previously unreleased DIY homemade psychedelia, teen beat, and fuzz-psych/prog by the amazing Swedish band Cymbeline, recorded from 1965-1971. Some tracks are an incredible find for anyone into US garage-psych (they wouldn't sound out of place on any Pebbles or Psychedelic Unknowns volume) and others are top-notch, '70s fuzzed-out Scandinavian psych/prog. Formed in the industrial town of Norrköping in the mid '60s, Cymbeline only released a 45 in 1971 before breaking up. But during their existence, the band recorded a lot of stuff, included here for the first time along with their rare 45. Remastered sound; insert with photos and liner notes by band member Michael Journath.

Trupa Trupa - Jolly New Songs LP (Blue Tapes and X-Ray Records)

Gdansk-based post-punk-psych band Trupa Trupa are sodden in a particularly cryptic kind of gallows humor, in part due to the band's art-rock origins and because their singer and guitarist, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski is an award-winning poet in Poland. This is The Beatles in a universe where their most famous song was "Tomorrow Never Knows"; a Pink Floyd that split when Syd Barrett's mind did. Styles range from the funk groove that propels the Can-like "Falling" to the psychedelic meltdown that mutates the Wurlitzer fairground music of "Only Good Weather" into something dark and psyche-scarring. 

Johnny Farfisa - The Best Of Johnny Farfisa LP (Munster) 

Obscure 1965-1968 recordings, most of them previously unreleased, by The Individuals, The Tokays and Euphorian Railway, bands which featured Andy Cahan aka Johnny Farfisa as main songwriter and organ player. Over those three years, Cahan and his teenage bandmates produced a remarkable set of R&B/garage/blue-eyed soul tracks of outstanding quality, collected here for the first time.

Vono - Dinner Für 2 [Reissue/1982] CD/LP (Bureau B) 

Among the lesser known dark-electro/post-punk bands of the early 1980s, the Berlin duo Vono really stood out. The radical nature of their music, the cold sound and sparse lyrics -- Vono were arguably on a par with the more prominent ambassadors of the genres (Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Liaisons Dangereuses, etc.). Extreme even for the early '80s, their minimalism was constructed purely on synthesizers and heavy on bass. 

Jonny Nash/Lindsay Todd - Fauna Mapping LP (Island of the Gods)

Jonny Nash (Gaussian Curve, Melody As Truth) and Firecracker's Lindsay Todd get barefoot and turn out a stunner of an LP with Fauna Mapping. Over the course of twelve compositions, you'll find the pair utilizing field recordings in a whole host of ways, avoiding the well-trodden clichés of the "exotic" and instead attempting to achieve a personal interpretation of the flora, fauna, and climate of the island. Spending time amidst the insects, rice fields, and scorching sun, the pair gathered a library of found sounds which were then taken back to a studio space to be stretched, mangled, and manipulated alongside a variety of electronic and acoustic instruments. The outdoor studio itself became a living instrument, with the duo setting up multiple microphones for durations of up to 12 hours around the space.

Tony, Caro & John - All on the First Day LP+CD (Tapete)

Originally released in 1972. This album was self-produced, with group member John behind the board as the technical director to their eclectic and experimental songwriting approach. Tony & Caro's voices are the leading hand through the group's nomadic and shifting song-scape; singing tales of love, youth, and political confusion at a time when the very concept of personal identity was expanding beyond anything it had ever been in prior. Their songs move fluidly between ballads, protest songs, experimental story-tellings, and free-flowing group jams. All On The First Day is a cult-classic; a flagship for any group who want to come together to create a sonic habitat.

Elvis Presley - A Date with Elvis LP (Cornbread Records)

Originally released in 1959. A Date With Elvis is comprised of singles and unreleased material ranging from his early Sun Records days in 1954 up to 1957. Featuring songs all the way from Bill Monroe and Charlie Feathers, to Lieber and Stoller, this may be a filler singles compilation, but it's all classic material from one of rock's all-time legends at the prime of his career. 180 gram LP; Includes download card.

Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley & Company LP (Wax Love)

Originally released in 1962. Ellas McDaniel (aka Bo Diddley) was a true American original. He originated a rock beat that has been used by everyone from The Who, to Bruce Springsteen, to The Smiths, had a teenaged Marvin Gaye working as his valet, toured with The Clash, and was in a series of popular Nike commercials. This is the first LP to feature his popular female rhythm guitarist sidekick, The Duchess, and while not featuring the chart-toppers of other releases, is a stunner of classic R&B influenced rock and roll that's essential for any Diddley fan.

Andre Williams - Bacon Fat: The Fortune Singles 1956-1957 LP (Wax Love)

One of the last remaining links to the heyday of R&B and funk, "Mr. Rhythm" is a pure living legend of black music. Andre Williams not only produced and wrote songs for folks like Ike Turner, Parliament/Funkadelic, Edwin Starr, and Stevie Wonder, and worked at seminal labels like Chess, Motown, and Fortune Records, but he also wrote and sang an enormous number of his own songs, cult classics like "Jail Bait", "Greasy Chicken", and "Bacon Fat". This release focuses on the earliest -- and dirtiest -- years of his five-decade-long career, compiling all of his singles from 1956-1957 for the legendary Fortune Records label.

Judas Priest - Sin After Sin [Reissue/1977] LP (Sony Legacy)

Judas Priest - Point Of Entry [Reissue/1981] LP (Sony Legacy) 

Judas Priest - Screaming For Vengeance [Reissue/1982] LP (Sony Legacy) 

180gm vinyl reissues now available.

Marillion - Misplaced Childhood [Reissue/1985] LP (Rhino) 

Remastered edition of the British prog band's third album.

John Denver - The Windstar Greatest Hits LP+MP3 (Windstar) 

John Denver re-recorded his several of greatest hits for Windstar before his untimely death. Those updated versions are compiled on vinyl for the first time in remembrance of the 20th anniversary of his death in 1997.

Bryan Adams - Ultimate 2xLP (A&M) 

Recently released on CD - now available on vinyl. New Bryan Adams collection featuring two brand new studio tracks alongside 19 classics culled from his catalog.